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Confucianism in the Pre-Qin Period先秦的儒家思想The Confucian School was founded by Confucius in the Pre-Qin Period, which was later developed by Mencius and Xun Zi, and became one of the most influential schools of thought of the time.儒家学派在先秦时期由孔子创立,后经由孟子和荀子发展,成为了那个时代最具影响力的学派之一。The greatest advantage of Confucian studies lies in its reliance on traditional Chinese culture represented by The Five Classics, thus manifesting the characteristics of “classical culture”.儒家思想的最优之处在于其对于中国传统文化的依赖,“五经”就是一个代表,所以它表现了“古典文化”的特征。The Five Classics were the yeast of the thoughts of the Confucian School, which centered upon their explanation and interpretation, changing and renewing its theories with the times.“五经”是儒家学派的发酵产物,它以解释与翻译为主,随着时代的变化改变与更新理论。Another characteristic feature of Confucianism is its keen understanding of the nature of the patriarchal society in ancient China, and the defense of this patriarchal culture then. That is why Confucianism has become a theoretical system which best reflects.儒家思想的另一特点是其对于古代中国父权社会的深刻理解以及之后对于父权文化的反对。 /201509/397302涟水县人民医院看男科好吗Much information about the patriarchal commune is documented in Chinese literature, like the Records of the Grand Historian and the Bamboo Annals.《史记》、《竹书纪年》等中国古文献中记载了许多有关父系氏族社会的情况。At the early stage of it, some excellent chieftains appeared. Among them, the most distinguished ones are Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.在早期父系氏族社会中,出现了一些杰出的部落联盟领袖,其中最著名 是“三皇五帝”。Though countries had not come into being at that time, these rulers were regarded as semi-mythical sage-kings and moral exemplars.虽然当时国家还没有出现,他们并非帝王,但在中国文化传统中,他们被视为圣贤明君。Tradition considers one of them, Huang Di, as the ancestor of the Chinese people.其中的黄帝被视为中华民族的祖先。 /201510/404396楚州区中医院割痔疮多少钱A woman I know who does online dating says she is often baffled by the seduction techniques of the men she meets. In person, most just boast to her at great length. Few of them stumble on the winning formula: ask her about herself, and actually listen.我认识的一位女性在网络上征婚,她说她遇到的男人们的把技巧经常让她困惑不已。他们大多数人只是长篇大论地自吹自擂。很少有人能够找到制胜之道:即让她说说自己的事情,并且认真倾听。Listening may be the key social skill. But humans have probably been bad listeners since Adam and Eve ignored God’s edict and ate the forbidden fruit. Now many experts believe that the digital era of endless stimuli has made things worse. “The average human attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, but by 2013 it was only 8 seconds (one second shorter than a goldfish!)” concluded Microsoft Canada, after doing research on 2,000 Canadians.倾听或许是至关重要的社交技能。然而,自打亚当和夏娃无视上帝的命令偷尝禁果以来,人类很可能一直都是糟糕的倾听者。如今很多专家认为,充斥着无穷刺激的数字化时代让事情变得更糟。“在2000年,人的专注时长平均为12秒,到2013年降为仅8秒(比金鱼还短1秒!)”微软(Microsoft)加拿大分公司在对2000名加拿大人进行研究后得出了这样的结论。I have studied good listeners — including spies, therapists and reporters (not columnists) — and tried to work out how they do it. The first step is to bin the preconception that the person you’re talking to is boring and predictable. Most people do have something worth saying, if only you can help them say it.我研究过好的倾听者——包括间谍、治疗师和记者(不包括专栏作家)——试图搞清楚他们是如何做到的。第一步是要抛弃先入之见,即对话者是乏味无趣的。大多数人的确有一些值得一说的事情,只要你能够帮助他们说出来。The second step is, therefore, to shut up. You may be aching to dive in and interrupt the speaker with a brilliant insight or joke, but don’t bother. He doesn’t want to listen to you either. As the British-spy-turned-Soviet-double-agent George Blake points out in his autobiography, “Most people are not particularly interested in your opinions or what you have to say, but very interested in voicing their own opinions and telling their own story.”因此,第二步是闭嘴。你可能很想热切地加入其中,以一个绝妙的洞见或笑话打断说话人,但不要这么做。他也不想听你说。就像曾是英国间谍,后来又成为苏联双面间谍的乔治布莱克(George Blake)在其自传中指出的那样:“大多数人对你的观点或者你要说什么并不是特别感兴趣,但却非常喜欢表达自己的观点和讲述他们自己的故事。”Let them tell it. Blake suggests “making an occasional encouraging remark or asking for an elucidation”. Let silences fall, because people will often blurt things out just to fill them. A London lawyer tells me he always warns clients that when the barrister cross-examining them goes quiet (often simply to leaf through his notes), they need to keep their mouths shut.让他们说出来。布莱克建议“偶尔鼓励一下说话者,或者要他们说清楚一些”。保持静默,为了填补这种静默,人们往往会脱口而出一些事情。一位伦敦律师告诉我,他总是警告他的客户,在盘问他们的出庭律师安静下来时(通常只是为了翻阅他的笔记),他们需要闭上嘴。When people are listened to, they can come out with the most amazing things. If someone tells you something like, “I’m thinking of murdering my husband,” show no surprise and just nod understandingly. The bad role model to bear in mind is the Woody Allen character in Crimes and Misdemeanors listening to his sobbing sister recount, in graphic detail, an erotic encounter gone wrong. The Allen character covers his eyes and shouts, “Oh, oh, oh! That’s so disgusting. My God, that’s the worst thing I ever heard in my life … Barbara, you idiot!”在有人倾听的时候,人们会说出最令人惊奇的事情。如果有人告诉你“我在考虑谋杀我的丈夫”这类的事情,不要面露惊讶,只需理解地点点头。要牢记于心的坏榜样是伍迪縠伦(Woody Allen)在《罪与错》(Crimes and Misdemeanors)中饰演的角色,在听着一把鼻涕一把泪,绘声绘色地讲述她那糟糕的艳遇。艾伦饰演的角色双手掩面,大声叫喊“哦,哦,哦!太恶心了。我的老天,这是我这辈子听过的最恶心的事儿了……芭芭拉,你这个蠢货!”Good listeners ask questions, but not too many. Journalists know that the best moment in the interview often comes when you put away your pen and say, “Thank you so much for your time.” Then the interviewee — freed from your barrage of questions — tells you the thing she had been wanting to say all along.好的倾听者会提出问题,但不会太多。记者们知道,采访中最好的时刻,是你收起录音笔然后说,“非常感谢你抽出时间接受采访。”然后,从你连珠炮般的问题中解放出来的受访者会告诉你她一直渴望吐露的事情。When good listeners do speak, they don’t bother repeating their favourite lines. Listening to anyone halfway interesting is a stimulus to think of something new. The German writer Heinrich von Kleist called this “the gradual completion of thoughts while speaking”. In business, skilled listeners will use the other person’s words to make a sale. A consultant I know says that instead of telling clients what he has to offer, he usually asks them, “What’s top of mind?” If the client replies, “We’re just working out how to replace all our workers with robots,” he can then say, “It so happens we’ve got just the product for that.” Every conman knows that what you really sell people are their own fantasies.好的倾听者真正开口的时候,不会重复他们最喜欢的句子。听一个不那么有意思的人说话,会刺激倾听者想到新的东西。德国作家海因里希冯克莱斯特(Heinrich von Kleist)称,这是“在说话的同时逐渐完善思路”。在商业活动中,有技巧的倾听者会用别人的话做成生意。一位我认识的营销顾问告诉我,他通常不会告诉客户他能提供什么,而是问他们“你们最想要的是什么?”如果客户回答说,“我们正在想办法用机器人替换我们所有的工人,”那么他就可以说,“这样啊,我们正好有相应的产品。”每个骗子都知道,你真正兜售给人们的是他们自己的幻想。There is one big occupational hazard in listening. Sometimes you will encounter someone who is boring and predictable. This person will engage in one or all of boasting, solipsism, house-price talk, route talk (“The M1 was totally blocked, so … ”), diet talk (the word “carbs” is a warning signal) and current-affairs clichés (“Politicians! They’re all in it for themselves, that’s what I say”). But if the bore has you tied up in a hostage-style situation, then get him to talk directly about his own life. People’s experiences are usually more interesting than their views, and a good listener can come away with unexpected knowledge of life in Düsseldorf or the economics of dentistry.倾听者可能会遭遇一种“职业性危害”。有时你会遇到某个乏味无趣的人。这个人可能在谈话中有以下其中一种乃至全部举动:自夸、 唯我、谈房价、谈交通(“1号线地铁完全堵死了,所以……”)、谈饮食(“碳水化合物”是一个警告信号)和有关时事的陈词滥调(“政客们!他们全都只顾自己,这就是我说的”。)但是,如果无聊感已经把你绑架了,让他直接谈一谈他自己的生活。人们的经历通常比他们的观点更有趣,好的倾听者在结束谈话离开时,会意外了解到杜塞尔多夫(Düsseldorf)的生活情况或者牙医这一行的经济情况。Even when the listener learns nothing worthwhile, he can achieve a useful seduction. I once had a boss who was the smartest man in the room. After taking over the department, he invited the lowliest grunts out to lunch one by one. He’d ask each one, “So what do you think we should change?” and then listen while the grunt spouted all the grievances she had been storing up for years. I suspect that the boss didn’t care about the grunts’ views. He aly knew exactly what he wanted to change. But when he did make changes, the grunts united in support of the first person who had ever listened to them. Today the guy is chief executive of a global media company, so he probably doesn’t have to listen any more.就算倾听者没有了解到什么有价值的东西,他也可能成功地“诱惑”了对方,这是有用的。我曾经有个老板聪明绝顶。在接管部门以后,他一个一个地邀请级别最低的员工吃午餐。他会问每一个人,“那你觉得我们该改变些什么呢?”然后倾听这名员工把积蓄多年的苦水倒出来。我怀疑这名老板并不在乎这些员工的观点。他那时已经非常清楚他自己想要改变什么。但他真正进行改革的时候,这些员工联合起来持第一个真正倾听他们的人。今天这个人已经是一家跨国媒体公司的首席执行官,因此他很可能无需再倾听了。 /201602/427730淮安/中山医院怎么样?

洪泽县妇幼保健院治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱江苏省淮安/月经不调哪家医院最好的More than half a million people liked a photo that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared of himself changing his newborn daughter Maxima Chan#39;s diaper near Palo Alto, California, on Friday. Zuckerberg, who is sporting a huge grin in the photo, wrote: #39;One more down, thousands to go.#39;上周五,脸书创始人扎克伯格在美国加利福尼亚州发布了一张给新生女儿换尿布的照片,50多万人为这张照片点赞。照片中,扎克伯格咧着嘴笑着,照片配文字:“一个搞定,还有N个!”The 31-year-old and his wife, 30, welcomed their baby daughter earlier this month. She weighed seven pounds, eight ounces, when she was born and is now the heir to the Silicon Valley tycoon#39;s billion fortune.31岁的扎克伯格和30岁妻子普利西亚·陈在本月初迎来了他们的新生女儿。小婴儿重7.8英镑,她成为硅谷大亨460亿美元家产的继承人。The post began generating comments and likes almost immediately and they continued to pour in.这个帖子引来了无数,几乎是同时蜂拥而入。One of the top commenters wrote: #39;She is crazy beautiful only some days old #love.#39;一个顶部的写到:“只有几天大,她真的太漂亮了,爱你。”Another one chimed in: #39;Watch out! My kids all peed on me at least once when doing that.另一个打趣写到:“小心点!我给几个孩子换尿布时,他们不止一次尿到我身上。”Ahh, the fun of parenthood!#39;“哈哈,真是做父母的快乐呢!”About 240,000 of the likes came in under an hour.在仅仅一个小数内,共有24万人点赞。The posting comes days after the Facebook CEO offered words of support for Muslims who fear retaliation for the recent violent attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and San Bernardino.这个帖子发布的前几天,扎克伯格回应了最近巴黎和圣贝纳迪诺伊斯兰极端分子的暴力袭击,以及穆斯林担心报复这一事件,扎克伯格做出了回应,并持穆斯林。In the wake of those attacks, Zuckerberg wrote on his personal page Wednesday that he wants to assure Muslims they are welcome on Facebook and that #39;we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you#39;.在这些攻击之后,扎克伯格在他的个人主页上写道,他们在脸谱网欢迎穆斯林,“我们将争取保护你们的权利,为你们创造一个和平和安全的环境”。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed barring all Muslims from entering the ed States. Other political leaders have condemned Trump#39;s proposal as discriminatory. Zuckerberg did not refer specifically to any proposal, but the co-founder of the world#39;s biggest social network said, #39;As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities.#39;共和党总统候选人Donald Trump已经提出禁止所有穆斯林进入美国。其他政治领袖也谴责了Trump歧视性的建议。扎克伯格并没有提及任何建议,但世界最大的社交网络的共同创始人说,“作为一个犹太人,我的父母教我,我们必须站起来反对所有社区的攻击。” /201512/416440For people who buy, sell or collect old art, the hope of unearthing a new work by a big name is a motivating dream. And names don’t come much bigger than that of Leonardo da Vinci.对于买卖和收藏古老艺术品的人们来说,发掘著名大师的未知作品堪称鼓舞人心的梦想,而最有名的大师恐怕莫过于列奥纳多·达·芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)了。For eight years, the Canadian collector Peter Silverman, who lives in Paris, has been trying to convince the art world that a drawing of an aristocratic young woman he bought for around ,000 is a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo, potentially worth as much as 0 million. Now the controversy surrounding the drawing, “La Bella Principessa,” has taken a new turn. Shaun Greenhalgh, the notorious British art forger who is thought to have created fakes that spanned centuries of art history, has declared it to be his work.八年来,现居巴黎的加拿大收藏家彼得·席尔瓦曼(Peter Silverman)一直都在试图说艺术界,自己手上有一幅遗失已久的达·芬奇真迹,这幅贵族年轻女子的肖像名为《美丽的公主》(La Bella Principessa),是他花大约二万美元买来的,可能价值1.5亿美元。现在,围绕着这幅画作的争议又进入到新的一轮。臭名昭著的英国艺术品伪造者绍恩·格林哈尔(Shaun Greenhalgh)所仿造的赝品跨越艺术史上的几个世纪,如今他声称这幅画是自己的作品。Mr. Greenhalgh says the subject was not an Italian noblewoman, but a check-out girl named Alison who worked at a supermarket in Bolton outside Manchester in northwest England.格林哈尔说,图上的女人不是什么意大利贵妇,而是英格兰西北部曼彻斯特市郊外尔顿某超市内一个名叫艾莉森(Alison)的女收银员。That sensational claim emerged on Nov. 29 in an article in The Sunday Times by the art critic Waldemar Januszczak, who is part of a consortium that has just published a memoir by Mr. Greenhalgh, “A Forger’s Tale.” Mr. Greenhalgh, who in 2007 was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison on forgery-related charges, was responsible for a number of well-documented fakes, including a Gauguin sculpture of a faun bought by the Art Institute of Chicago and an Egyptian alabaster sculpture of a princess purchased by the Bolton Museum. Now he has added “La Bella Principessa” to the list.这个耸人听闻的声明出现在11月29日的《星期日泰晤士报》(The Sunday Times)的一篇文章里,作者是艺术家瓦尔德马尔·雅努茨扎克(Waldemar Januszczak),他所隶属的财团刚刚出版了格林哈尔的回忆录《伪造者的故事》(A Forger’s Tale)。格林哈尔因涉及伪造艺术品,于2007年被判入狱四年零八个月。他所仿造的艺术品包括一尊高更的农神雕像,被芝加哥艺术学院购买;以及一尊古埃及公主的大理石像,被波士顿物馆购买。如今他把《美丽的公主》也加入了这个名单。Mr. Januszczak says Mr. Greenhalgh was about 20 years old when he made “La Principessa,” while he was working at the supermarket in the late 1970s.雅努茨扎克说,格林哈尔创作《美丽的公主》时20岁左右,当时是20世纪70年代末期,他在那个超市上班。“To draw her he says he bought an old land deed that had been written on vellum, and finding the ‘good’ side to be too ink-stained to use, turned it over and drew on the rough side instead, as Leonardo would never have done,” Mr. Januszczak wrote in The Sunday Times.“他说,为了给她画像,他买来了一张旧地契,是用上等羊皮纸做成的,上面写了字,他发现,纸张‘好’的那一面上有太多墨水字迹,所以就把它翻过来,在粗糙的一面上画画,列奥纳多从来不这么做,”雅努茨扎克在《星期日泰晤士报》的文中写道。Mr. Greenhalgh was unavailable to comment.格林哈尔先生未能置评。“It’s ludicrous and absurd,” Mr. Silverman said in a telephone interview. “It’s shameless that an art historian should stoop to that level to promote his book.”“这太滑稽,太荒唐了,”席尔瓦曼先生电话采访中说,“一个艺术史学家为了宣传新书,竟然做出这么有失身份的事,真是无耻之极。”Mr. Silverman said he would pay Mr. Greenhalgh 10,000 pounds, about ,000, if he could reproduce “La Bella Principessa” on vellum in front of a committee of experts. “And he goes back to jail where he belongs if he doesn’t,” he said.席尔瓦曼说,他愿意付格林哈尔1万英镑(约合1.5万美元),看他能不能当着一个专家委员会的面,在羊皮纸上重新画出《美丽的公主》来。“要是他画不出来,就回监狱呆着去吧,”他说。The story of “La Bella Principessa” and its attribution started in January 1998, when Kate Ganz, an art dealer in New York, bought a hea·or ,850 with fees at Christie’s in New York. Executed in pen, ink, chalk and watercolor on vellum, it was cataloged by Christie’s as “early 19th century, possibly German.”《美丽的公主》及其作者鉴定的故事始于1998年1月,纽约艺术品交易商凯特·冈兹(Kate Ganz)以21850美元(含交易费)的价格,从纽约佳士得买来了这幅身穿意大利文艺复兴时期饰的年轻贵族女子的半身侧面像。这幅画以钢笔、墨水、粉笔和水在羊皮纸上绘制而成,被佳士得标记为“19世纪初,可能是德国作品。”Nine years later, in January 2007, Ms. Ganz sold the drawing, which she described as “based on a number of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and may have been made by a German artist studying in Italy,” to Mr. Silverman for the original purchase price, minus a dealer’s discount.9年后的2007年1月,冈兹把这幅画以原价减交易商折扣的价格卖给了席尔瓦曼,她当时对它的描述是,“可能是一个在意大利学习的德国艺术家根据一幅列奥纳多·达·芬奇的画临摹的”。In June 2008, Lumière Technology, a company in Paris that specializes in digital scanning, announced that its analysis had determined that the portrait was by Leonardo. The work was subsequently valued at 100 million by the London art dealer Dickinson, who offered it for sale to selected clients. Timothy Clifford, a director of the National Galleries of Scotland from 1984 to 2006 who joined Dickinson as an adviser in 2007, declared the drawing a genuine Leonardo in an article in The Times of London in October 2009.2008年6月,法国数码扫描公司“光明技术公司”(Lumière Technology)声称,经分析,公司认为这幅画是出自列奥纳多本人之手。因此,这幅作品被伦敦艺术品交易公司迪金森(Dickinson)标价为一亿英镑,并向高级客户提供这幅作品的出售。蒂莫西·克利福德(Timothy Clifford)于1984年到2006年担任苏格兰国家艺术馆馆长,2007年出任迪金森的顾问,2009年10月,他在《伦敦泰晤士报》上发表文章,认为这幅画是列奥纳多的真迹。The attribution has also been endorsed by a half-dozen Leonardo scholars. Martin Kemp, an emeritus professor in art history at Oxford University who began researching the work in 2005, was an early convert, identifying the sitter as Bianca Giovanna Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of Ludovico Sforza, the duke of Milan from 1494 to 1499.这个结论还得到了半打列奥纳多专家的背书。马丁·肯普(Martin Kemp)是牛津大学的艺术史荣退教授,他从2005年开始研究这幅作品,是最早相信它是真迹的人之一,他认为画面上的人是比安卡·乔万娜·斯福尔扎(Bianca Giovanna Sforza),是于1494年至1499年任米兰公爵的卢多维克·斯福尔扎(Ludovico Sforza)的私生女。Research by Mr. Kemp and Pascal Cotte, a co-founder of Lumière, suggested that the drawing had been removed from a Sforza family album, now in the National Library in Warsaw, made to celebrate the 1496 marriage of Bianca to the Milanese military commander Galeazzo Sanseverino.肯普与光明技术公司的联合创建者之一帕斯卡·科特(Pascal Cotte)认为,这幅画是从斯福尔扎家族的画册中被拿出去的,该画册于1496年制作,是为了庆祝比安卡与米兰军事指挥官加里亚佐·桑瑟夫内洛(Galeazzo Sanseverino)的联姻,目前收藏于华沙国家图书馆。Those developments prompted the owner of the drawing when Christie’s sold it to Ms. Ganz, Jeanne Marchig, the widow of the artist and restorer Giannino Marchig, to sue Christie’s for breaches of fiduciary duty and of warranty, as well as negligence and negligent misrepresentation, claiming they should have known it was a Leonardo.佳士得把作品出售给冈兹时,该画像的主人是艺术家与艺术品修复家詹尼诺·马奇格(Giannino Marchig)的遗孀珍娜·马奇格(Jeanne Marchig),因为这一事态的发展,她起诉佳士得公司违反信托与担保责任,以及疏忽和做出草率鉴定,她主张,佳士得本应鉴定出那是列奥纳多的真迹。The suit was rejected by a ed States appeals court in 2011 on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired. In a separate suit against Christie’s, concerning the loss of the drawing’s frame, Ms. Marchig stated that the drawing had been in her husband’s collection by 1955, long before Mr. Greenhalgh is supposed to have made it.该诉讼于2011年被美国一上诉法庭以诉讼时效过期而拒绝。在另一项起诉佳士得遗失了这幅作品的边框的诉讼中,马奇格女士指出,这幅画于1955年便归她丈夫所有,远远早于格林哈尔声称的创作时间。As a Leonardo, “La Bella Principessa” has yet to win over the art establishment. The work has not been shown in any major national museum, and it was not included in the landmark exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” at the National Gallery in London from November 2011 to February 2012.艺术界权威尚未彻底认可《美丽的公主》是列奥纳多的真迹。这幅作品还未在任何大型国家级物馆展出,2011年11月至2012年2月于伦敦国家物馆举办的重大展览“列奥纳多·达·芬奇:米兰宫廷时期画作”(Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan)也没有收入这幅作品。That show did, however, include a recently rediscovered Leonardo, “Christ as Salvator Mundi,” circa 1499, which was bought in 2013 by the Russian collector Dmitry E. Rybolovlev for 7.5 million from Yves Bouvier, a Swiss businessman and art dealer.不过,那次展览确实收入了一幅新近发现的列奥纳多作品:《救世主基督》(Chirist as Salvator Mundi),创作时间约在1499年,是2013年俄罗斯收藏家德米特里·E·雷波诺列夫(Dmitry E. Rybolovlev)以1.275亿美元从瑞士商人与艺术交易商伊夫·布维尔(Yves Bouvier)手中买下的。Mr. Rybolovlev sued Mr. Bouvier after discovering that he had paid the sellers, the New York dealers Alexander Parish and Robert Simon, between million and million for the work.后来雷波诺列夫发现,为这幅作品,布维尔只付给卖主纽约交易商亚历山大·巴利什(Alexander Parish)与罗伯特·西蒙(Robert Simon)7500万到8000万美元左右,便对布维尔发起了诉讼。Last Tuesday, meanwhile, Kasia Pisarek, an independent art historian who specializes in attribution, became the latest scholar to make a case against a Leonardo “Principessa.” In a paper presented at a conference in London, she ran down a checklist of what she termed “inconsistencies” — the lack of any documentation or copies, the presence of just three stitch-holes in the side of the vellum sheet ( the Sforza volume in Warsaw has five) and what she saw as anatomically incorrect quality of the drawing itself.上周二,专门鉴定艺术品作者的独立艺术史学家卡西娅·皮萨莱克(Kasia Pisarek)成了最新一位为列奥纳多的《美丽的公主》发起诉讼的学者。她在伦敦的一次听会上呈送文件,列举了这份作品的“矛盾清单”——它没有任何相关文件记载,也没有复制品、羊皮纸边上只有三个装订孔(华沙收录的斯福尔扎家族画册有五个装订孔),还有她眼中其他一些不符合真迹特质的细节。Her conclusion was that “the present attribution to Leonardo must be deemed unreliable.”她的结论是,“列奥纳多是作者这个结论是站不住脚的。”The drawing itself is at the Geneva Freeport storage warehouse and is not for sale, Mr. Silverman said, who added that in 2012 he had been offered million for it but had rejected the offer. “I want the drawing to be shown all over the world so that people can decide for themselves,” he said. “But the experts who won’t accept it have refused to see it. Bureaucrats don’t like to take a chance. They’re afraid of controversy.”席尔瓦曼先生说,这幅画作目前被存放在日内瓦自由港,不做出售之用,他还补充说,2012年,有人曾经出价6000万美元,但被他拒绝了。“我希望这幅画能在全世界展出,让人们自己来判断,”他说,“但是那些不接受它的专家们拒绝看它。官僚主义者们不愿把握机会,他们害怕争议。”By various accounts, then, it would seem that “La Bella Principessa” is either a real Leonardo worth tens of millions; a 19th-century Italian Renaissance style drawing worth tens of thousands; or a modern fake worth hardly anything at all.出于种种原因,这幅《美丽的公主》要么就是价值数千万的列奥纳多真迹;要么就是价值数万美元的19世纪意大利文艺复兴风格作品;再不就是一文不值的现代赝品。But adding characters like Shaun Greenhalgh and Alison from the supermarket into the mix will liven up the debate — and make it ever more difficult to discern what the scientifically minded Leonardo would have recognized as the truth.但是随着绍恩·格林哈尔与“超市艾莉森”等人卷入混战,争议无疑进一步升级了;列奥纳多是个相信科学的人,如今,要找到他渴求的真相,更是难上加难。 /201512/415094淮安/妇幼保健院无痛人流手术多少钱Tao Qian (365~427) born in Xunyang (Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province), also called Tao Yuanming, courtesy name Yuanliang, was one of China#39;s greatest poets and a noted recluse.陶潜(365 ~ 427 ),江西浔阳(今九江)人,也叫陶渊明,字元亮。中国最伟大的诗人之一,著名隐士。Born into an impoverished aristocratic family, Tao Qian took a minor official post while in his 20s in order to support his aged parents.陶潜出生在一个落魄贵族家庭。20多岁时为了养活年迈的双亲,陶潜做了个小官。After about 10 years at that post and a brief term as county magistrate, he resigned from official life, repelled by its excessive formality and widesp corruption.陶潜在那个职位上干了大约10年,又做了短期的县令之后辞职,因为他厌恶官场的繁文缛节和普遍的腐败。With his wife and children he retired to a farming village south of the Yangtze River.陶潜和妻子、孩子一起隐退在长江南的一个农庄。Despite the hardships of a farmer#39;s life and frequent food shortages, Tao was contented, writing poetry, cultivating the chrysanthemums that became inseparably associated with his poetry, and drinking wine, also a common subject of his verse.尽管农民生活非常辛苦,并且经常要忍饥挨饿,但是陶潜可以饮酒(他的诗中常见的主题)、作诗、养菊(与他的诗歌有着不可分割的联系),他的内心是满足的。Because the taste of Tao#39;s contemporaries was for an elaborate and artificial style, his simple and straightforward poetry was not fully appreciated until the Tang Dynasty(618~907).因为与陶潜同时代的人喜欢“富艳难踪”的文章,所以他平淡自然的诗篇直到唐朝(618~907 )才得到充分的重视。A master of the five-word line, Tao has been described as the first great poet of tianyuan (;fields and gardens;), landscape poetry inspired by pastoral scenes (as opposed to the then-fashionable shanshui “mountains and rivers; poetry).作为写五言诗的大师,陶潜被称为第一个伟大的田园诗(与当时盛行的山水诗相对)人。Essentially a Daoist in his philosophical outlook on life and death, he also freely adopted the elements of Confucianism and Buddhism that most appealed to him.尽管从本质上来说陶潜持的是道教的生死观,但是他还自由地采用了儒家学说和佛教的思想元素。陶潜最被吸引的是佛教。 /201512/417709盱眙县中医院治疗痛经多少钱

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