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Today in History: Sunday, January 13, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月13日On Jan. 13, 2012, the Italian luxury liner Costa Concordia ran aground off the Tuscan island of Giglio and flipped onto its side; 32 people were killed. (Ships captain Francesco Schettino faces possible trial on charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship before evacuation was complete.)2012年1月13日,意大利豪华游艇在托斯卡纳岛触礁搁浅导致侧翻,致32人死亡。(船长弗朗西斯科可能会因为过失杀人罪以及人员疏散前弃船而面临审判。)1794President George Washington approved a measure adding two stars and two stripes to the American flag, following the admission of Vermont and Kentucky to the union.1794年,在佛蒙特州和肯塔基州批准加入联盟后,乔治·华盛顿总统批准了一项决议在美国国旗上增加两颗星星和两个条文。1808Salmon P. Chase, U.S. senator, secretary of the treasury and chief justice of the Supreme Court, was born in Cornish, N.H.1808年,美国参议员、财政部长和最高法院的首席大法官Salmon P. Chase在新罕布什尔州出生。1964Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II, was appointed archbishop of Krakow, Poland, by Pope Paul VI.1964年,未来的教皇约翰·保罗二世主教卡罗尔蒂瓦被教皇保罗六世任命为波兰克拉科夫大主教。1966Robert C. Weaver became the first black Cabinet member as he was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Lyndon B. Johnson.1966年,罗伯特C.韦弗被林登·约翰逊总统任命为住房和城市发展部部长,成为首位黑人内阁成员。1968Country musician Johnny Cash recorded a live concert at Folsom Prison in California.1968年,乡村音乐家Johnny Cash在加州录制了一场现场音乐会。1978Former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey died in Waverly, Minn., at age 66.1978年,前副总统休伯特H·汉弗莱威利在明尼苏达州去世,享年66岁。1982An Air Florida 737 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge in Washington, D.C., after takeoff and fell into the Potomac River, killing 78 people.1982年,一架佛罗里达737飞机起飞后撞上华盛顿特区14街桥掉进波托马可河,造成78人死亡。1989New York City subway gunman Bernhard H. Goetz was sentenced to one year in prison for possessing an unlicensed gun that he used to shoot four youths he said were about to rob him.1989年,纽约地铁手Bernhard h . Goetz因持有一把无照被判处一年监,他称曾经开打过四个试图抢劫他的年轻人。行抢劫。1990L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia, the nations first elected black governor, took the oath of office in Richmond.1990 维吉尼亚L·道格拉斯·怀尔德在里士满的办公室宣誓就职,成为这个国家的第一位黑人州长。2000Microsoft chairman Bill Gates stepped aside as chief executive.2000年,微软主席比尔盖茨卸任首席执行官。2002The off-Broadway musical ;The Fantasticks; ended a run of nearly 42 years and 17,162 performances.2002年,百老汇音乐剧《异想天开》演出了近42年,17162场后结束。 /201301/220289。

How to Test Your IQ on HowcastStep 1: Find an IQ test onlineFind an IQ test online. There are many different IQ tests to measure different intelligence ients.第一步:在网上找一个智商测试在网上找一个智商测试。有许多种类型的智商测试来测试不同方面的智商。Tip:IQ tests are scored by comparing an individual’s results with the scores. of other people who are the same age.小贴士:要将个人的测试结果和同龄的其他人相比较,才能分高下。Step 2: Take the practice testTake a practice test. For a practice test, you are not allowed to use a pen and paper — all the work must be done in your head. During the test, and respond to a total of 38 statements in 13 minutes or less. If you take longer, you will be penalized; if you get through the test in less than 13 minutes, your score will increase.第二步:进行练习测试进行练习测试。在练习测试中,不允许你用纸和笔——所有工作都要在头脑中完成。在测验中,在13分钟内中或更少的时间内读并且回答38道题。如果你花费的时间超出了3分钟,你会被扣分;如果在少于13分钟内完成了,你的分数会增加。Step 3: Account for language barriersAccount for language barriers. If you take the test in a language that isn’t your native tongue, your score will be lower than it would be if you had taken the test in your own language.第三步:考虑语言障碍考虑语言障碍。如果你参加的测试,内容不是用你的母语写的,分数会比你参加母语测试的预期分数低。Tip:IQ tests for kids are usually administered by trained psychologists or teachers.小贴士:针对儿童的智商测试常由受过训练的心里专家或教师来进行。Step 4: Take the test againTake the test several times and average your scores to account for factors such as anxiety and misunderstandings. Drop your best and worse scores and average the rest.第四步:再次测验一个测验要反复做几次,得出平均分,以便将诸如紧张和误解的因素排除。去除得分最高和最低的分数,求平均数。Step 5: Understand your scoreAssess your score. A score of 85 to 114 is average and accounts for 68 percent of test takers. A score of 40 to 54 indicates a severely challenged test taker, and a score of 160 to 175 indicates extraordinary genius.第五步:理解测试得分对分数进行评估。85到114之间的分数是平均分,68%的人都会得到这个分数; 40至54之间的分数说明有轻微智障;160至175之间的分数表明是个天才。Step 6: Understand the purpose of IQ testsUnderstand that IQ tests are intended to determine an adult’s true mental potential, unbiased by culture. Scores are compared to the scores of other adults who have taken the same test.第六步:理解智商测试的目的理解智商测试的目的是确定成年人的真实智力状况,从文化上讲很公正。将自己的得分和参加过同样测验的人相比较。Step 7: Understand the limitationsKnow that actual intelligence is extremely difficult to quantify. Many critics contend that IQ tests are not guided by a plausible theory of how the brain operates, and they don’t accurately measure what “intelligence” actually is.第七步:明白测试的局限性要知道实际的智商是很难量化的。许多批评家声称智商测试没有在大脑如何思考的正确理论指导下进行,测试并不能准确地衡量智商的真实状况。201011/119251。


Whether you are looking to improve your grades, seem smarter at work, or simply wanting to impress your friends, these tips will help you achieve your goal of an increased vocabulary.You Will NeedReading material Dictionary Notebook Note cards Word-a-day calendars Internet access Crossword puzzles Address book (optional) Step 1: Read as much as you can(扩大你的阅读量)Read as much as you can to encounter words that you don’t aly know.Step 2: Look up the definitions unfamiliar words(在字典上查出不认识单词的释义)Use a dictionary to look up the definitions of the unfamiliar words that you come across in your ing.Remember a word can have different meanings. Note all of the definitions for your word.Step 3: Keep a list of your new vocabulary words(用一个单子列出自己的新词汇)Use a notebook to keep a list of your vocabulary words. Write the definition as well as a sentence using the word to help you remember the context.Use an address book to keep an alphabetical list of your words.Step 4: Make vocabulary flash cards(制作单词卡片)Create flashcards to reinforce your new words. Write the word on one side of a note card and the definition on the other. Quiz yourself by looking at the word and remembering the definition.Step 5: Use word-a-day calendars and web sites(找一个日历或者网站,尽量做到每天一个新词)Make efforts to learn a new word every day. Use a word-a-day calendar and web sites to introduce you to new words.Learn common prefixes and suffixes. These parts that come together to create words can help you figure out what a word means.Step 6: Play word games(玩单词游戏)Play word games. Use computer games or crossword puzzles to grow your vocabulary and help reinforce the words you are learning.Step 7: Use your new words in daily conversation(在日常对话中运用自己新学到的词语)Use your new words in your daily conversations. Continue using and reviewing your words to reinforce what you’ve learned.201003/99028。

Step 1 Use a waterproofing product1.选择防水产品Use a waterproofing product recommended by the manufacturer when you purchase winter boots. Apply it to the boots before wearing them to protect them from moisture.购买靴子时使用生产商建议的防水产品,开始穿之前涂抹在靴子上,这样可以防止靴子被水浸湿。Step 2 Clean salt lines2.清洁盐分Clean salt lines around your boots with a desalting product, or mix equal parts vinegar and water, dab it on the boots with a rag, then rinse, dry, and buff.用除盐产品清洁靴子周围的盐线,或者混合同样比例的醋和水,用软布擦在靴子上,然后清洗,晾干,抛光。Use a rag to immediately wipe salt and dirt from boots when coming indoors.进入室内之后立即用软布擦掉靴子上的盐和污垢。Step 3 Remove scuffs3.修复磨损Remove scuffs by gently rubbing them with a damp rag dipped in baking soda, wipe them clean, and then dry and buff.将一块软布浸入苏打水中,然后轻轻地擦拭靴子,晾干,抛光。Stuff boots with newspaper while they dry to protect their shape.当靴子干燥之后,里面塞上报纸,防止靴子变形。Step 4 Care for suede4.皮革护理Care for suede winter boots by cleaning them with an artists kneaded eraser or an emery board. Then refresh the nap by brushing the suede with a toothbrush.用专业的鞋刷或刚砂板来清洁皮质靴子。然后用牙刷来清洁细节部位。Step 5 Care for boot liners5.靴子内衬护理Care for boot liners by removing them, if possible, and washing them in the laundry.如果可能的话,将内衬取下来进行清洗。The washing and drying instructions will be on a tag on the liner.靴子内衬上标有洗涤和干燥说明。Step 6 Clean and apply a leather-care product6.使用皮革护理产品Clean and apply a leather-care product to winter boots before storing them for the summer. Now, theyll look their best when you pull them out of the closet for another season of service.换季时先对靴子进行清洁,使用皮革护理产品后再储存。当冬季再次来临,靴子再次登场的时候,你的靴子已经是最佳状态。201212/217823。

Ice takes a grip of the frozen planet.冰雪占据了这个冰冻星球The spectacular return of the emperor penguins帝企鹅回归的壮观景象was a key event for the Frozen Planet team.是《冰冻星球》摄制组的重要任务The crew will have to operate摄制组不得不穿行于in the most dangerous of all polar environments -所有两极环境中最危险的地方the edge of the sea ice.即海上浮冰的边缘They have to fly in everything theyll need for a month飞至此处时 须带上在冰洋上生存一个月of living on the frozen ocean.所需要的一切物资On board are slow motion cameraman John Aitchison,飞机上有慢速摄影师约翰·艾奇逊underwater cameraman Didier Noirot,水下摄影师迪迪尔·怒瓦罗and director Chadden Hunter.导演查登·亨特尔With the plane gone, the team are on their own.飞机离开了 这个团队得靠他们自己了This is home for the next month.这就是我们下个月的家But it doesnt look like much right now.但是现在看起来不怎么样Their tents should be secure on the permanent sea ice他们的帐篷要架在永久冰上才安全but theyre still miles from the ocean where they hope to film.但这距离预定要拍摄的海洋还有数公里The locals are keen to get acquainted当地企鹅渴望了解with anything of unfamiliar shape and size.所有形状大小很奇特的事物The emperors are welcome neighbours around camp,营地周围的帝企鹅其乐融融but the team need to film them returning from the water但摄制组得拍摄它们从水里回来的样子and to do that they face a daunting task.为此他们面临着一个艰巨的任务They must find a path to the open sea他们必须在崎岖的冰面上through a shifting landscape of jagged sea ice.找到一条通向远海的路 /201211/210250。

If youre tired of getting all gussied up for another disappointing bar crawl, a night in can be the perfect excuse to get together with your best friends without all the make-up.如果你厌倦了精心打扮去酒吧聚会,安排家中聚餐是不需要化妆就可以和好朋友开怀畅谈的好方法。Step 1: Set The Mood1.营造氛围Call all your girls and tell them youre staying in tonight. Ask them to bring PJs and toothbrushes for a sleepover. This way no one has to drink, then drive. Set up lots of pillows and cozy lighting. This creates a relaxing environment where the girls will feel comfortable sharing any thoughts or feelings.打电话给你所有好,告诉她们今晚你想待在家里。邀请她们带上衣物和牙刷准备在这里过夜。这样就没人酒后驾车。准备好足够的枕头和柔和的灯光。这样可以营造出轻松的氛围,好友们会感到很舒适,可以分享任何想法和感觉。Step 2: Adult Beverages2.成人饮品Stock up the bar - youll need to have something for everyones tastes. Or, keep it simple with a theme - mix margaritas or try a wine tasting. Just remember: more than two or three drinks usually spells hangover... so encourage everyone to drink water, keep an eye on the heaviest drinkers, and just in case, stock up on Alka-Seltzer.你的酒柜要货源充足——你必须满足每个人的口味。或者保持统一的主题——品鸡尾酒或红酒。记住一点:超过两三种酒一起喝会导致宿醉,所以鼓励每一个人喝水,密切关注喝的太醉的人,以防万一,准备一点苏打水。Step 3: Snacks3.零食Women like food even more than alcohol sometimes, so get it out early. Sample a variety of cheeses with the wine … or dip chips and guacamole with those margaritas... But DONT forget the chocolate. Bad things can happen when a bunch of women are craving chocolate...ugly.有时女性对零食的喜爱超过酒精,所以及早准备。红酒可以搭配一些奶酪,或者薯条和鳄梨沙拉酱来搭配鸡尾酒。但是不要忘记巧克力。许多女人非常渴望巧克力的时候会发生很糟糕的事情。Step 4: Enterntainment4.Theres only so long that you can sit around and talk about your mothers... or men... or is there? Dont forget diversions like manis and pedis ...facials...the karaoke machine... take a Cosmo Quiz and compare results. But dont stress... in the end, its the talk and bonding that matter.你们有足够的时间坐在一起讨论你们的母亲,或者男友,或者其他事情。不要忘记其他活动。不要施加压力,最重要的是谈话和感情。Step 5: Friendly fight5.友好地打斗Sometimes when girls get drunk, girls talk trash. And cat fights can ensue, so suggest a pillow fight. This will alleviate any aggression and promote healthy communication. Besides, a little disagreement can ultimately bring women closer... or at least it does on Dynasty or Desperate Housewives. So, group hug and goodnight.女孩子们喝醉的时候也会啰啰嗦嗦说废话,从而引发打斗,可以建议枕头战争。这样可以避免过激行为,促进健康的交流。此外,小小的分歧有时可以让女性之间走的更近,或者至少在绝望的主妇中是这样的。一起拥抱一下,享受一个美好的夜晚。Thanks for watching How To Have A Girls Night In.感谢收看“精心安排女性家中聚会”视频节目。201212/212758。