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A Brief Introduction of Chinese Minorities中国少数民族简介There are altogether 56 peoples in China,among which 55 are officially recognized ethnic minorities except Han. The defining elements of a minority are language,homeland,and social values. The 53 ethnic groups use the spoken languages of their own;23 ethnic minorities have their own written languages.在中国全国共有56个民族,其中55个官方承认的少数民族,汉族以外。少数民族的定义要素是语言,国土和社会价值。 53个民族使用自己的语言;23个少数民族有自己的语言文字。 /201607/455801

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Wang Hanluri (1903 ?1978)王汉伦(1903~1978)Wang Hanlun, birth name Peng Qinshi, also called Jianqing, was bom in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1903 and she herself was a film audience. She was one of China#39;s first generation actresses, one of Four Great Dan (actresses) of early Chinese films and the first “Chinese tragic acress,;.王汉伦,原名彭琴士,字剑青,1903年出生于江苏苏州,自己喜欢经常去看电影,中国第一代著名女影星之一,中国电影早期的“四大名旦”之一, 也是首位“悲剧女星”。Wang Hanlun went to an excellent private institution, St. Mary#39;s School for Women in Shanghai when she was a young girl. Her father died when she was 16, she had to make a living, successively as a primary school teacher, a clerk in British and American tobacco companies and later as a full-time English language typist with rather high salary before becoming a actress.少女时代曾就读于优秀私立学校——上海教会女校圣玛利亚书院。16岁她父亲去世,为了谋生 曾先后当过小学老师,在英美烟草公 司当过职员。从影前在一外企任专职 英文打字员,薪水颇丰。Occasionally in 1923 she was introduced to act in Orphan Rescues Grandfather made by the Star Film Studio, starring Yu Weiru. Wang#39;s thorough sensitive portrayal, sadness and anger and tenacity, of the besieged heroine moved audiences, made Orphan Rescues Grandfather China#39;s first national hit and Wang Hanlun an overnight sensation. Orphan Rescues Grandfather became the first Chinese full-length feature film.1923年,一个 偶然的机会经同事引荐参加明星影片 公司《孤儿救祖记》的拍摄,主演余蔚如。她把该角色的悲愤与坚韧表现得淋漓尽致,深深打动了观众。该影片轰动一时,使彭剑青一炮走红。《孤儿救祖记》成为中国第一部完整故事片。Nearly a decade had passed since Yan Shanshan had appear on screen as the first actress, but only a handful of women had yet dared to. In those days, women#39;s appearance on screen was still regarded as socially unacceptable behavior, especially for a young lady from upper-class. So there were enormous pressures on Peng from both family and society.Her acting on screen angered her elder brother and sister-in law and she had no other way than changing her making her birth name never known to the public. The family accepted this, and she adopted Wang Hanlun as her screen name. The surname derived from her belief that tigers are fearless and tigers have the Chinese character for king on their foreheads,so she changed her surname to Wang. She liked the English name Helen, so she adopted the similar Chinese name Hanlun.自从严姗姗第一次出现在银幕上之后,近十年过去了,仅有个别女性敢于演电影。那时候,女性演电影仍然不被社会所接受,更不用说出身于上层社会家庭的了。由于从影惹怒了兄嫂,彭剑青只好改名换姓,永远不让自己的原名出现在公众的视野。她的“王”姓来自她想到老虎是无所畏惧的,它 的额头上有个“王”字,于是就改姓王,她喜欢英文名字Helen,因此取了汉语谐音汉伦。Starring in Divorcee (1924) and The Poor Children (1924) made Wang Hanlu the first Chinese outstanding tragic actress. Later in 1929, Wang founded her own independent film company, the Hanlun Film Studio, and produced An Actress#39;s Revenge (Blind Love), in which she starred as the heroine. This film was a great success and had been shown abroad. But Wang then disbanded the company and with the profits from what turned out to be her last starring film, she opened the ;Hanlun Beauty Parlo; in Shanghai, retired from films to become a businesswoman. She was very successful throughout the 1930s until the Japanese occupied Shanghai.影片《弃妇》(1924)、《苦儿弱女》(1924)等的拍摄,使她成为令人瞩目的中国第一位悲剧明星王汉伦。后来,她于1929年曾开设过自己的电影公司“汉伦影片 公司”,拍摄了《盲目的爱情》(即《女伶复仇记》),由自己主演。该片拍得很成功, 曾远销国外。不过此时她却解散公司,退出影坛,利用她主演的最后一部电影的收人在上海开办了“汉伦美容院”,成为商人。20世纪30年代,在日本侵占上海前她还是很成功的商人。Affer the foundation of new China, she became a member of Shanghai Film Actor Troupe, acted a supporting role of Empress Dowager in Wu Xun (1950). She had taken part in more than ten films, such as the artistic documentary film A Great Upsurge. On August 17, 1978, Wang Hanlun passed away in Shanghai.新中国成立后,成为上海电影演员剧团的成员,在《武训传》(1950)中扮演过配角慈禧,曾参加《热浪奔腾》(1958)艺术纪录片的拍摄。一生共参加10余部影片的摄制。1978年8月17日,王汉伦病逝于上海,终年78岁。 /201605/443516

Giving out free condoms at school is not a surefire way to avoid teenage pregnancy - or it might not be enough.在校园里发放免费避套并不是一个防止青少年怀的稳妥之法--或者说这可能还不够。Access to condoms in schools increases teen fertility rates by about 10 per cent, according to a new study by the University Of Notre Dame.圣母大学的一项最新研究表明,在学校里能够获得避套的情况下,青少年们的生育率提高了10%。However the increase happened in schools where no counseling was provided when condoms were given out - and giving out guidance as well as birth control could have the opposite effect, economists Kasey Buckles and Daniel Hungerman said in the study.在这份研究中,经济学家凯茜·巴克尔斯和丹尼尔·亨格曼表示,生育率有所上升的学校在发放避套的时候没有提供咨询务,而在提供生育控制措施的同时提供指导会起到正面的效果。Access to other kinds of birth control, such as the contraceptive pill, IUDs and implants, has been shown to lower teen fertility rates - but condoms might have opposite consequences due to their failure rate as well as the time and frequency at which they#39;re used.而其他避措施,例如避药和植入宫内避器,在降低生育率方面确有其效--但是由于破损以及使用时间和次数的原因,避套有可能带来相反的结果。Buckles and Hungerman looked at 22 school districts located in 12 different states, using data from the 1990s. Times have changed aly and teenagers today are overall less likely to have sex and less likely to become pregnant, they wrote. Most of the free condoms programs in the study began in 1992 or 1993 and about two thirds involved mandatory counseling.巴克尔斯和亨格曼在美国12个州的22个学区进行了调查,使用自20世纪90年代以来的数据。随着时间的推移,总体而言,如今的青少年发生性行为次数更少,怀几率也更小。研究中涉及的大部分免费避套项目开始于1992年或1993年,其中大约三分之二提供强制性咨询务。The 10 per cent increased occurred as a result of schools that gave out condoms without counseling, Buckles and Hungerman said. #39;These fertility effects may have been attenuated, or perhaps even reversed, when counseling was mandated as part of condom provision,#39; they wrote. Teenage girls were also more likely to develop gonorrhea when condoms were given for free - and again, the increase happened as a result of schools giving out condoms without counseling. Access to contraceptives in general has been shown to lower teen fertility, Buckles and Hungerman noted, or in some cases had no effect at all.巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,青少年生育率上升10%是因为学校发放避套但没有提供咨询务。但是,提供避套时提供强制性咨询务可减弱甚至颠倒这种生育率影响。免费提供避套也会提高女生患性病的机率,而这也是学校没有提供咨询务导致的。总体而言,避措施降低了青少年生育率,但在某些情况下并没有任何效果。But condoms might have a different impact because of several factors, such as the fact that their failure rate is more important than that of other contraceptives. Condoms also rely #39;more heavily on the male partner#39;, which is an important factor given that an unplanned pregnancy will have different consequences for each gender, Buckle and Hungerman wrote.但是,由于失效等种种原因,避套可能产生不同的效果。鉴于意外怀会给双方造成不同的影响,避套也极大地取决于男性一方。使用避套的时间也是为什么它的效果与其他避措施不同的原因。Free condom programs in schools could have led to two additional births per 1,000 teenage women so far, Buckle and Hungerman found. This could increase to 5 extra births per 1,000 teenage girls if the country#39;s entire high-school-aged population had access to condoms.目前,巴克尔斯和亨格曼发现,学校的免费避套项目导致每1000名女生怀次数增加2次。如果全美的高中生都可获得免费避套,将导致每1000名女生的怀次数增加5次。Condom distribution programs could promote the use of condoms over more efficient birth control methods, drive schools to use their resources for condom distribution rather than more effective programs, or might encourage #39;risky#39; sexual behaviors, Buckle and Hungerman wrote. But these findings should be used with caution when reflecting on policy proposals, they added.此外,避法发放项目可能使更多人选择使用避套,而不是其他更有效的避措施,从而促使学校开展避套发放项目而不是其他更有效的项目,这或许也会怂恿“危险”的性行为。然而,巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,在反思政策建议的时候,因谨慎使用这些研究发现。Health clinics based in schools that offered contraceptives were shown to significantly lower teen fertility in a 2014 study. #39;If health clinics can effectively combine contraception access and counseling, this may lead to very different effects than access alone,#39; Buckle and Hungerman said.在2014年的研究中,学校医务室提供避药极大地降低了青少年生育率。巴克尔斯和亨格曼表示,如果医务室能够有效结合避措施和咨询务,将可能产生与仅仅提供避措施非常不同的效果。 /201607/454499

10.They#39;re hyper aware10.他们高度紧张Being neurotic means you#39;re constantly aware of everything around you. You pick up on people#39;s body language and voice inflections, and analyze every word that comes out of their mouth. Because of this, you#39;re not surprised by ulterior motives or when a person#39;s true colors show. Ironically, being hyper-aware of everything and everyone around you helps you keep your cool when things go sour.如果你是一个神经质的人,你会对周围的事情关注入微,你会捕捉人们的肢体语言和说话声音,并分析从他们嘴里流露出的每一个字。因此,你不会因为一部隐晦不明的电影或者某个人的真实面目感到惊讶。讽刺的是,高度紧张周围的一切能够让你在事态变坏时保持从容的姿态。9.They#39;re overly self-conscious9.他们过分在意自己Because you#39;re constantly worried about yourself, you#39;re more likely to take care of yourself. The student who is scared of failing will spend extra time in the library, leading them to be even more prepared for an exam than they need to be. The person who#39;s scared of dying of a heart attack in his forties will certainly eat healthier and exercise more often than someone who doesn#39;t worry about his demise.因为你一直担心自己哪里不够好,所以你能更好地打理好自己。就像害怕考试不及格的学生空闲时会在图书馆呆更久,为一场测试仔细准备,远超出了需要复习的范围。就像害怕在40多岁就死于心脏病的人会吃更健康的食物,比那些不担心死亡的人锻炼更多。8.They#39;re self-aware8.他们有清醒的自我认知Neurotic people know they#39;re neurotic. In fact, they flaunt it at times, saying things like ;I know I#39;m being crazy, but…; While it may be hard to break a neurotic thought or habit, many people go throughout their day with paranoid thoughts running through their head without even realizing it. At least neurotic people are able to recognize it and rationalize it. They might not be able to get past knowing ;It#39;s all in my head,; but at least they can acknowledge it.神经质的人知道他们有这种症状。事实上,她们偶尔也会跟人炫耀说;我知道我是个疯子,但是…;尽管要改变一个神经质的人的想法和爱好很困难,但很多患有妄想症的人甚至都还没有意识到自身的症状,就这么度过一天。神经质的人至少能够辨识出来。他们虽然可能不会一直提醒自己;他一直在我脑海里;,但至少他们能够承认。7.They#39;re pessimistically realistic7.他们是悲观的现实主义者Neurotic people tend to err on the side of pessimism when it comes to anything in the real world. But this is because they know that good things don#39;t just ;happen,; and that Murphy#39;s Law exists because there is a better chance of something going wrong along the way than everything going exactly according to plan. The good part about this pessimism is that when things do go right, it#39;s like Christmas Day for a neurotic individual. Even something as simple as the guy at Dunkin#39; Donuts getting your order right and then hitting every green light on the way home from work will be enough to cheer you up. It really is the little things in life that make a difference.做某件事时,神经质的人往往会从悲观的角度来寻找错误。这是因为他们相信好事不会单纯的发生,相信墨菲定律(Murphy#39;s Law),比起每件事都能按照计划完美的进行,其中出现小差错的机率更大。悲观主义里好的成分就是当事情真的顺利进行时,神经质的人会好像度过了圣诞节。甚至有些像邓肯甜甜圈(Dunkin#39;s Donuts)的务员为你递上你点的甜甜圈、回家路上正好遇上绿灯这样的事都足以让你开心,这真的是对我们生命造成影响的一些小事情。6.They have a high IQ6.他们拥有高智商A study at SUNY Downstate Medical Centre of 42 individuals showed that those who suffered from anxiety also had a higher IQ on average. The report showed that ;high intelligence and worry are linked with brain activity measured by the depletion of the nutrient choline in the white matter of the brain.; High levels of anxiety lead to a mind that is constantly working in some way, which, naturally, leads to higher levels of intelligence. Those that worry too much are actually exercising their brain!纽约州立医疗中心调查了42个人,结果显示焦虑不安的人平均智商更高。报告显示,通过测量大脑白质里营养胆碱的消耗,得出了高智商和焦虑与大脑活动有关的结论。高度焦虑在一定程度上会让你的思想不断碰撞,自然而然地产生了高智商。担忧多一点实际上是在锻炼大脑。5.They care for others5.他们很关心其他人Neurotic people don#39;t just worry about themselves, either. They worry and look after their friends, family, and loved ones constantly. They#39;re always trying to help people through difficult situations and solve other people#39;s problems. This parental aspect of neurotic people gives them comfort, as it does to those around them as well.神经质的人不仅仅只为自己担心,他们也会担心并照顾他们的朋友、家人,他们会一直爱着某一个人。他们总是很乐意对处于困境中的人们伸出援手,想要帮住他们解决问题。神经质的人这种类似父母的关心让他们自己感觉很舒,他们周围的人也有同样的感觉。4.They have high energy levels4.他们精力旺盛Not only are neurotic people always thinking, but they#39;re always y for action. They have trouble sitting still, because their mind is always racing. But they also never seem to run out of steam, because they know they could be doing something to better their lives at any given moment.神经质的人不仅会思考,他们也会付诸行动。他们一刻也坐不住,因为他们的思想在翱翔着。他们似乎从来不会感到精疲力竭,因为他们知道在某个特定的时刻,他们能做些什么让生活更美好。3.They#39;re highly productive3.他们有高生产力Since they can#39;t sit still, neurotic people might as well be productive. They have many hobbies, and are never content with resting on their laurels. They see every moment as another chance to succeed and do better in life. Because of this attitude, neurotic people often find themselves leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else around them as far as productivity and talent is concerned.因为神经质的人坐不住,他们往往是多产的。他们有许多爱好,并且从不会因为赢得的荣誉而停止前进。他们把每一个时刻都当成是成功并且让生活更加美好的又一个机会。由于这种态度,就多产和天赋来说,他们经常能发现自己远远领先于周围的普通人。2.They#39;re idealistic2.他们是理想主义者Even though most neurotic people are pessimistic, they also work hard to improve their surroundings as well. They understand how good things could be, and will do anything to get there. It#39;s ironic, but their pessimism drives them to optimize their situation. And while others are thinking things are fine, the neurotic person will constantly be working to make them even better.尽管大部分神经质的人都是悲观的,但他们也会努力工作改善周围的环境。他们明白想要什么样的结果,就得为之付出什么样的努力。这是讽刺的,他们的悲观反而让他们对所处环境抱有乐观的态度。其他人在光想着事情变好的时候,他们一直在努力工作让事情变好。1.They avoid bad situations1.他们能避开坏情况Obviously, being a worrywart isn#39;t always a bad thing. Neurotic people avoid dangerous situations. While other people might be tempted to claim ;YOLO; as if that#39;s an excuse to do something stupid, anxious people will be the ones saying ;Yeah, you only live once, so don#39;t mess it up.; Sure, they might never experience the thrill of skydiving, but they#39;ll almost certainly live a long, healthy life.显而易见,成为一个杞人忧天的人并不见得就是一件坏事。神经质的人能避开危险的情况。当其他人受到诱惑高呼;你只会活一次;,并把它当成做傻事的借口时,杞人忧天者会说:;是的,你只能活一次,所以不能把它搞砸了。;当然,他们可能一辈子也体会不到跳水运动的刺激与兴奋,但他们肯定能活得更长久、更健康。翻译:winni 来源:前十网 /201607/453531

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