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鹰潭哪个医院做引产最好鹰潭月湖区剖腹产哪家好Apple Watch sells a million in a day苹果手表美国首日百万预订量An estimated 957,000 American shoppers ordered Apple Watches on Friday - a sign the tech giant#39;s newest gadget is aly seeing more initial success than its first iPhone or the iPod.据估计,4月10日,美国共有95.7万用户预订了苹果公司的Apple Watch智能手表,标志着这一科技巨头的最新产品初战告捷,比首款iPhone或iPod还要成功。That estimate comes from Slice Intelligence, which measures digital commerce by tracking consumer e-receipts.这一数据来自市场研究公司Slice Intelligence。该公司通过追踪消费者电子收据估算数码产品的销售情况。Those ordering an Apple Watch Sport, the cheapest version, spent 2.83 per watch and those ordering the Apple Watch spent 7.04.其中,最便宜的运动版每只平均订购价格为382.83美元,而标准版每只为707.04美元。#39;As expected, most consumers-62 percent- purchased the less-expensive Sport model,#39; said Jaimee Minney of Slice.;与预期一样,大多数消费者--62%--选择购买价格较为便宜的运动版。;Slice公司的杰米·明尼(Jaimee Minney)称。However, many Apple Watch buyers invested in the pricier case but the cheapest band, with more than one third adding a black or white Sport band.不过,也有不少购买者选择用较贵的标准版外壳搭配最便宜的运动表带。三分之一的用户选择加购一条黑色或白色运动表带。The data also showed that most consumers opted for the larger 42 mm case, with Its data from online shoppers showed an average of 1.3 watches bought per customer, with 3.83 spent per item.数据显示,大多数消费者倾向于更大尺寸的42mm规格。线上消费数据还显示,平均每人预订了1.3只Apple Watch智能手表,每只平均消费为503.83美元。The most popular type of case was the Space Gray aluminum case, with 40 percent of Apple Watch buyers choosing the option, followed by: stainless steel at 34 percent, silver aluminum at 23 percent and finally Space Black stainless steel at three percent.最受消费者欢迎的外壳是;太空灰;铝制外壳,占所有订单的四成,其次分别为不锈钢(占34%)、银色铝(占23%)和太空黑不锈钢(占3%)。Sport buyers were slightly more likely to choose the 38 mm case, with 32 percent purchasing the smaller version, versus 24 percent of Apple Watch buyers.购买运动版的消费者中,选择38mm规格的比例稍高,有32%。而标准版购买者中仅有24%购买较小规格。The Black Sport Band was by far the most popular among both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport buyers, with 49 percent overall pre-ordering one, followed by the White Sport Band at 16 percent and the more expensive Milanese Loop (9 versus for the black Sport band) rounding out the top three at around 10 percent.截至目前,黑色运动腕带在所有腕带中最受买家青睐,占所有订单量的49%。排名第二的是白色运动表带,占16%。紧随其后的是价格较高的米兰尼斯表带(售价149美元,黑色运动表带售价49美元),约占10%。The watch, which allow users to check email, listen to music and make phone calls when paired with an iPhone, goes on sale officially on April 24.与iPhone配对后,Apple Watch智能手表具有查收邮件、听音乐、接电话等功能,将于4月24日正式上市。The watch is Chief Executive Tim Cook#39;s first new major product launch and the company#39;s first foray into the personal luxury-goods market.这款智能手表是苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)发行的首款重要产品,也是苹果公司首次进军个人奢侈品市场。Despite mixed reviews, which generally praised the watch#39;s styling but criticized its less-than-spectacular battery life and slow-loading apps, people flocked to Apple stores to get a close-up look.尽管评价褒贬不一,大都褒的是款式,贬的是差强人意的待机时长和缓慢的应用下载速度,苹果实体店依然有顾客蜂拥而入,只为一睹Apple Watch真容。 /201506/379902江西省鹰潭盆腔炎哪家医院最好的 You might think that physicists would be satisfied by now. They have been testing Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which explains what gravity is, ever since he first described it 100 years ago this year. And not once has it been found wanting. But they are still investigating its predictions to the nth decimal place, and this centenary year should see some particularly stringent tests. Perhaps one will uncover the first tiny flaw in this awesome mathematical edifice.你可能以为,物理学家现在已经满意了。他们一直在对爱因斯坦的广义相对论进行检验。爱因斯坦在整整100年前第一次提出了广义相对论,它解释了引力是什么。科学家们一直没有发现它存在任何不足之处,但却仍在调查根据它做出的预测,精确到第n位小数。在该理论100周年之际,科学家会做一些特别严格的验。也许会有人发现这座非凡数学大厦的第一个微小缺陷。Stranger still is that, though general relativity is celebrated and revered among physicists like no other theory in science, they would doubtless react with joy if it is proved to fail. That’s science: You produce a smart idea and then test it to its breaking point.更为奇怪的是,虽然在物理学家中,广义相对论获得的赞颂和尊崇超过了所有其他科学理论,但如果验明它站不住脚,他们无疑会感到欣喜。这就是科学:你提出了一个聪明的想法,然后检验它至极限。But this determination to expose flaws isn’t really about skepticism, far less wanton nihilism. Most physicists are aly convinced that general relativity is not the final word on gravity. That’s because the theory, which is applied mostly at the scale of stars and galaxies, doesn’t mesh with quantum theory, the other cornerstone of modern physics, which describes the ultra-small world of atoms and subatomic particles. It’s suspected that underlying both theories is a theory of quantum gravity, from which general relativity and conventional quantum theory emerge as excellent approximations just as Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, posed in the late 17th century, works fine except in some extreme situations.但是揭示该理论缺陷的这种决心,其实无关乎怀疑主义,和肆意的虚无主义更是远远扯不上关系。大多数物理学家已经确信,广义相对论并不是引力的最终定论。这是因为该理论主要应用在恒星和星系的规模,和量子理论没有交集。量子理论是现代物理学的另一块基石,针对的是原子和亚原子粒子级别的微观世界。科学家们觉得,这两个基本理论的依托是一个量子引力理论,广义相对论和常规量子理论是它的绝佳近似值,这就像艾萨克·牛顿在17世纪后期提出的万有引力理论,除某些极端情况外,应用起来通常都没问题。The hope is, then, that if we can find some dark corner of the universe where general relativity fails, perhaps because the gravitational fields it describes are so enormously strong, we might glimpse what extra ingredient is needed — one that might point the way to a theory of quantum gravity.科学家的希望是,如果能找到广义相对论站不住脚的一些黑暗角落——这有可能是因为它描述的引力场如此强大——那么我们或许会发现它欠缺了哪些成分,而这可能会指明通向量子引力理论的道路。General relativity was not just the last of Einstein’s truly magnificent ideas, but arguably the greatest of them. His “annus mirabilis” is usually cited as 1905, when, among other things, he kick-started quantum theory and came up with special relativity, describing the distortion of time and space caused by traveling close to the speed of light. General relativity offered a broader picture, embracing motion that changes speed, such as objects accelerating as they fall in a gravitational field. Einstein explained that gravity can be thought of as curvature induced in the very fabric of time and space by the presence of a mass. This, too, distorts time: Clocks run slower in a strong gravitational field than they do in empty space. That’s one prediction that has now been thoroughly confirmed by the use of extremely accurate clocks on space satellites, and in fact GPS systems have to adjust their clocks to allow for it.广义相对论不仅仅是爱因斯坦最后一个宏伟想法,而且可以说是他最伟大的构想。他的“奇迹年”通常被认为是1905年,这一年他开始构想量子理论,并提出了狭义相对论,描述了接近光速的运动导致的时空扭曲。广义相对论则描绘了更加广阔的画面,探讨了变速运动,比如物体在进入引力场时出现的加速。根据爱因斯坦解释,引力可以看成是由于质量的存在,时间和空间结构中出现的弯曲。这也扭曲了与没有引力场的空间相比,时钟在一个强大的引力场中走得慢一些。利用在空间卫星上极其精确的时钟,科学家们彻底实了这个预测的正确性。事实上,GPS系统必须考虑到这种影响,来调整自己的时钟。Einstein presented his theory of general relativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in 1915, though it wasn’t officially published until the following year. The theory also predicted that light rays will be bent by strong gravitational fields. In 1919 the British astronomer Arthur Eddington confirmed that idea by making careful observations of the positions of stars whose light passes close to the sun during a total solar eclipse. The discovery assured Einstein as an international celebrity. When he met Charlie Chaplin in 1931, Chaplin is said to have told Einstein that the crowds cheered them both because everyone understood him and no one understood Einstein.爱因斯坦1915年向普鲁士科学院(Prussian Academy of Sciences)提交了广义相对论的论文,不过正式发表是在第二年。该理论还预测,强大的引力场会导致光的弯曲。在1919年,英国天文学家亚瑟·爱丁顿(Arthur Eddington)通过仔细观察一次日全食中一些恒星的位置,实了这一预测,这些恒星的光线会通过临近太阳的区域。爱因斯坦自此成为国际名人。当他在1931年与查理·卓别林(Charlie Chaplin)见面时,据说卓别林对他说,公众为他们两人喝,是因为每个人都理解自己的电影,但没有一个人理解爱因斯坦的理论。General relativity predicts that some burned-out stars will collapse under their own gravity. They might become incredibly dense objects called neutron stars only a few miles across, from which a teaspoon of matter would weigh 10 billion tons. Or they might collapse without limit into a “singularity” — a black hole from whose immense gravitational field not even light can escape, since the surrounding space is so bent that light just turns back on itself.广义相对论预言,一些燃料耗尽的恒星将因自身引力而崩塌。它们被称为中子星,其密度可能会变得非常之大,直径只有几英里,但一小勺就有100亿吨。或者可能会无限地崩塌下去,变成“奇点”,也就是一个黑洞,其巨大引力场甚至连光都无法逃逸,因为周围的空间太过弯曲,光会直接转弯回到原处。Many neutron stars have been seen by astronomers: Some, called pulsars, rotate and send out beams of intense radio waves from their magnetic poles, beams that flash on and off with precise regularity. Black holes can only be seen indirectly from the X-rays and other radiation emitted by the hot gas that surrounds and is sucked into them. But astrophysicists are certain that they exist.自那之后,天文学家发现了很多中子星:有些被称为脉冲星,它们旋转运动,从磁极发射出强烈的电波,发射和停止存在着精准的规律性。黑洞只能通过X射线和热气体散发的其他辐射被间接看到,黑洞被这些热气体包围着,并将它们吸入。但是天体物理学家坚信黑洞是存在的。While Newton’s theory of gravity is mostly good enough to describe the motions of the solar system, it is around very dense objects like pulsars and black holes that general relativity becomes indispensable. That’s also where it might be possible to test the limits of the theory with astronomical investigations. Last year, astronomers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia, discovered the first pulsar orbited by two other shrunken stars, called white dwarfs. This situation, with two bodies moving in the gravitational field of a third, should allow one of the central pillars of general relativity, called the strong equivalence principle, to be put to the test by making very detailed measurements of the effects of the white dwarfs on the pulsar’s metronome flashes as they circulate. The team hopes to carry out that study this year.虽然牛顿的引力理论基本上足以描述太阳系的运动,但对于密度极大的物体,比如脉冲星和黑洞,广义相对论就不可或缺了。这也是用天文研究检验这个理论的局限的地方。去年在弗吉尼亚州夏洛茨维尔,国家射电天文台(National Radio Astronomy Observatory)的天文学家发现了一颗脉冲星,绕着它运动的另外两颗缩小的恒星被称为白矮星,而这一现象是前所未见的。在这种情况下,有两个星体在第三个的引力场中运动,如果在白矮星绕脉冲星运动的时候,非常细致地测量它们对脉冲星电波发射规律的影响,应该可以检验广义相对论的核心柱之一“强等效原理”。该团队希望今年开展这项研究。But the highest-profile test of general relativity is the search for gravitational waves. The theory predicts that some astrophysical processes involving very massive bodies, such as supernovae (exploding stars) or pulsars orbited by another star (binary pulsars), should excite ripples in space-time that radiate outwards as waves. The first binary pulsar was discovered in 1974, and we now know the two bodies are getting slowly closer at just the rate expected if they are losing energy by radiating gravitational waves.但最引人注目的广义相对论检验是对引力波的寻找。该理论预测,一些非常庞大的星体,比如超新星(爆炸的恒星)或者被另一颗恒星围绕盘旋的脉冲星(脉冲双星),和它们有关的天体物理过程应该在时空中激发涟漪,像波一样向外辐射。第一个脉冲双星是在1974年发现的,科学家假设两个星体辐射了引力波,因而损耗了能量,计算出了它们靠拢的速率,我们现在已经知道,它们确实在以这个速率慢慢靠拢。The real goal, though, is to see such waves directly from the tiny distortions of space that they induce as they ripple past our planet. Gravitational-wave detectors use lasers bouncing off mirrors in two-kilometer-long arms at right angles, like an L, to measure such minuscule contractions or stretches. Two of the several gravitational-wave detectors currently built — the American LIGO, with two observatories in Louisiana and Washington, and the European VIRGO in Italy — have just been upgraded to boost their sensitivity, and both will start searching in 2015. The European Space Agency is also launching a pilot mission for a space-based detector, called LISA Pathfinder, this September.不过,真正的目标是,当这些波经过我们的星球时,直接从它们导致的微小空间扭曲中看到它们。引力波探测器让激光在长两公里、摆成L形的干涉臂上来回反射,从而对这种微小收缩或扩张进行测量。目前世界上许多台引力波探测器,其中两台——美国的LIGO,在路易斯安那州和华盛顿有两个观察站;以及欧洲的VIRGO,位于意大利——刚刚对灵敏性进行了升级,它们都将在2015年开始寻找引力波。去年9月,欧洲航天局还用太空中的LISA Pathfinder探测器开展了一个试点任务。If we’re lucky, then, 2015 could be the year we confirm both the virtues and the limits of general relativity. But neither will do much to alter the esteem with which it is regarded. The Austrian-Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli called it “probably the most beautiful of all existing theories.” Many physicists (including Einstein himself) believed it not so much because of the experimental tests but because of what they perceived as its elegance and simplicity. Anyone working on quantum gravity knows that it is a very hard act to follow.幸运的话,2015年就会是我们确认广义相对论优势和局限性的一年。但这不会对它受到的推崇产生太大影响。奥地利-瑞士物理学家沃尔夫冈·泡利(Wolfgang Pauli)称广义相对论“可能是现有理论中最美的”。很多物理学家(包括爱因斯坦本人)相信它,并不是因为它经过了实验的检验,而是因为他们认为它简洁优雅。每个在量子引力领域工作的人都知道,简洁优雅是多么难以达到。 /201502/359208Fosun is taking advantage of a doubling in its share price this year to raise as much as .2bn, which the acquisitive Chinese group says could be spent on future deals.中国内地最大民营企业集团复星集团(Fosun)正准备利用今年其股价翻一番的有利行情,筹集12亿美元资金。这家四处收购的中国企业集团表示,这笔资金可能会用于未来的并购交易。The group, the largest private conglomerate on the mainland, has spent more than bn so far this year on assets including a speciality insurer, a stake in Cirque du Soleil and finalising its takeover of Club Méditerranée, the French holiday group, among others.今年迄今,复星集团已花费逾40亿美元用于收购各类资产。收购的资产包括一家专业保险公司,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)部分股份,此外还有对法国度假村集团地中海俱乐部(Club Méditerranée)的收购交易的收尾部分。Shares in Fosun International, the Hong Kong-listed unit through which most of its deals are done, have been among the best performers in the city this year, gaining 106 per cent before their trading suspension on Monday for the placement.今年,复星集团香港上市部门复星国际(Fosun International)(复星多数并购交易正是通过该部门完成的)的股票,已成为香港表现最好的股票之一。在周一该股票因这次配股而停牌前,其股价已上涨106%。The new shares, representing 5 per cent of outstanding stock, were offered at a discount of between 3 per cent and 7 per cent to Friday’s HK.95 close. Fosun plans to sell bn worth of stock and could expand the sale by 0m if there is more demand.新发行股票所占股份为已发行股票的5%。相对上周五每股20.95港元的价格,这些股票将提供3%到7%的折扣。复星计划销售价值10亿美元的股票,如果需求旺盛,股票的发行量将扩大2亿美元。Details of Monday’s deal seen by the Financial Times indicated the capital-raising was for “general corporate purpose including potential Mamp;A of insurance business.”英国《金融时报》看到的周一协议的细节显示,这轮募资活动是出于“一般性企业目的——其中包括对保险业务的潜在并购活动”。 /201505/374630南昌铁路局鹰潭医院做人流好吗

江西鹰潭市治疗不孕不育哪家医院最好的In an age of contactless cards and paying with your smartphone, the idea of getting cash out of an ATM machine may seem a little dated.在这个非接触式智能卡和智能手机付款盛行的时代,去ATM机取钱显得有点过时。But now a bank in Poland is trying to bring the cash machine into the 21st century by creating an app which lets you order one of the devices straight to your door.然而,波兰一家正力争让ATM机融入21世纪。他们推出了一款应用程序,你可以直接预约一台ATM机开到家门口。Customers choose a location and a time they want to use the ATM, and an electric-powered BMW pulls up with one of the machines fitted into a hole where one of the rear windows usually goes.顾客只需选择想要使用ATM机的时间和地点。随后,一辆后窗玻璃位置装有取款机的电动宝马车便会停在你预约的地点。The Idea Bank, which is running the fleet of cars, says the service is currently limited to business customers who want to deposit large amounts of money at the end of a working day.这ATM机车队由Idea运营。他们表示,这种务目前仅限于想在当天营业结束后把大笔现金存入账户的商业客户。Rather than walking with the cash to a machine, often at night, customers will now be able to make a deposit from outside their home or office.如此,这些客户就可以在家或办公室门口存钱,而无需在晚上带着现金去找ATM机。Dominik Fajbusiewicz, a board member of Idea Bank, said: #39;Entrepreneurs who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money.Idea董事会成员多米尼克#8226;法步兹维克兹说:“企业家亲自把钱存到或固定的自动存款机,是在浪费他们的时间和金钱。#39;Our service aims at lifting that weight off their shoulders.#39;“我们的务志在减轻他们的负担。”The bank said a survey of its members found that up to 80 per cent of them made bank deposits at the end of the day, many of them after dark.该称,他们的调查发现,高达80%的商业客户会在下班后存钱,而且大多是在天黑以后。On average, including walking times, these deposits took a little over an hour, so in order to make life simpler for them, the bank developed its new service.一般而言,包括走路时间在内,整个存款过程需花费一个小时多一点的时间。因此,为了让商业客户的生活更加便利,需要开发新的务。While the fleet of cars is currently only available in Warsaw, the company is taking suggestions for the next city they should offer it in.虽然这车队目前只在首都华沙务,但正在考虑把这一模式引入下一个城市。 /201505/376234鹰潭市不孕不育原因 It wasn’t his first broken condom, so Rafael didn’t worry. But three weeks later, the man he’d met in a bar called to say that he had “probably been exposed” to H.I.V.拉斐尔不是头一回碰上保险套破了这种事,所以一点儿也没放在心上。但三个礼拜后,他在酒吧遇到的那人打电话来说,他“可能接触到了”艾滋病病毒。Rafael, a muscular, affable 43-year-old, went to a clinic and within 45 minutes learned he was infected. Although it was aly closing time, a counselor saw him immediately and offered him a doctor’s appointment the next day.43岁的拉斐尔是为人友善的肌肉猛男。他去了一家诊所,过了45分钟得知自己确实被感染了。尽管当时已经是下班时间,一名顾问立即跟他碰面,并马上为其预约了第二天的医生看诊。At Ward 86, the famous H.I.V. unit at San Francisco General Hospital, the doctor handed him pills for five days and a prescription for more. Because he was between jobs, she introduced him to a counselor who helped him file for public health insurance covering his ,000-a-year treatment.在旧金山市综合医院(San Francisco General Hospital)著名的86号H.I.V.病区(Ward 86),医生给了他五天的药量,又为他开了处方好让他可以买到更多药。因为他暂时赋闲在家,这名大夫将他介绍给了一名顾问,后者帮助他申请了一份公共医疗保险,每年报销3万美元的治疗费。“They were very reassuring and very helpful,” said Rafael, who, like several other men interviewed for this article, spoke on condition that only his first name be used to protect his privacy. “They gave me the beautiful opportunity to just concentrate on my health.”“他们很帮忙,这让我感到宽慰,”拉斐尔说。出于隐私考量,他与本文其他几位接受采访的男性都坚持仅以姓氏相称。“他们提供给我一个很好的机会,让我能够全心专注于自己的健康。”Despite bad luck in sex-with-strangers roulette, Rafael did have some good fortune: He lives in San Francisco, which is turning the tide against H.I.V. and serving as a model for other cities. The city that was once the epidemic’s ground zero now has only a few hundred new cases a year, the result of a raft of creative programs that have sent infection rates plummeting.尽管在一夜情的轮盘赌中撞上霉运,但拉斐尔也有幸运之处:他住在旧金山,这是一座扭转了防治艾滋病颓势、堪为其他城市效仿的楷模城市。这里曾经是艾滋病的重灾区,多亏实施了一系列富有创意的方案,感染率急剧降低,现在这里每年只有几百例新病例。“I love the San Francisco model,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “If it keeps doing what it is doing, I have a strong feeling that they will be successful at ending the epidemic as we know it. Not every last case — we’ll never get there — but the overall epidemic. And then there’s no excuse for everyone not doing it.”“我大爱旧金山市的这个模式,”美国国家过敏症及传染病研究所(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)所长安东尼·S·福西(Anthony S. Fauci)士说。“如果坚持目前的做法,我坚信他们一定能成功地终结现在的疫情。我不是说这样就能消除所有的病例——恐怕我们永远也做不到这一点,但大体上消灭疫情是完全可能做到的。没有理由不这么做。”Last week, the World Health Organization essentially agreed. Issuing new guidelines for the treatment and prevention of H.I.V., the agency called on the rest of the world to do much of what San Francisco is aly doing: Every H.I.V. patient should start antiretroviral drugs as soon as they test positive rather than waiting for measures of immune system strength to drop, the agency said, and everyone at risk of infection should be offered preventive drugs. San Francisco adopted the first practice — “test and treat” — five years ago and the second in 2013. It has bolstered those efforts with others, like the rapid-doctor’s-appointment program that swept Rafael in, and another to track difficult patients.上周,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization, W.H.O.)对旧金山模式表示了基本的赞同。该机构印发了新的H.I.V.防治指南,呼吁世界其他地区以旧金山为榜样:一旦H.I.V.检测呈阳性,患者就应该尽快开始用抗逆转录病毒药物,而不是等到免疫系统功能指标衰退后再治疗;此外,该机构还指出,应该向所有高危人群提供预防性药物。5年前,旧金山市已经率先实践了上面的第一条——“检测即治疗”,2013年又实施了第二条。这又带动了其他的一些措施,比如预约医生的快速通道、跟踪比较麻烦的患者等,拉斐尔正是受益于前者。The results have been striking. Last year, San Francisco had only 302 new H.I.V. diagnoses, the lowest recorded number. In 1992, at the epidemic’s peak, there were 2,332.这些举措成效惊人。去年,旧金山市仅新增了302例H.I.V.确诊病历,创历史新低。而在疫情最严重的1992年,曾达2332例。In 1992, the city had 1,641 deaths from AIDS. Last year, just 177 San Franciscans with H.I.V. died, and most of them actually succumbed to heart disease, cancer or other old-age ills, said Dr. Susan Buchbinder, the head of H.I.V. prevention research for the city health department.1992年,该市有1641人死于艾滋病。到了去年,只有177名艾滋病病毒感染者死亡,而且其中大多数实际上是死于心脏病、癌症或其他老年病,旧金山市卫生部H.I.V.预防研究的负责人苏珊·布赫宾德(Susan Buchbinder)士如是说。By other measures, too, San Francisco is ahead. According to a 2012 estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 39 percent of all infected Americans had seen an H.I.V. doctor, and only 30 percent were taking their pills consistently enough to be “virally suppressed,” meaning they were not infectious. By contrast, in San Francisco, 82 percent of residents with H.I.V. were in care, and 72 percent were suppressed. In Ward 86 — all of whose patients are uninsured or on public assistance — suppression has reached 84 percent.用其他指标衡量,旧金山市同样居于领先地位。美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, C.D.C.)2012年估计,在所有受到H.I.V.感染的美国人中,只有39%曾到专科医生处就诊,只有30%能坚持药直至达到“病毒抑制”(此时他们不再具有传染性)。相比之下,在旧金山的居民中,82%的H.I.V.感染者都接受了治疗,72%达到了“病毒抑制”状态。86号病区中的患者要么没有医疗保险,要么依靠公共救济过活,但他们中的抑制率也已达到了84%。San Francisco has some natural advantages: wealth, political leaders who consistently back the fight — in part because the gay vote is so big — and a close-knit medical community in which many of the top officials in the fight against H.I.V. have studied together, trained each other and done research projects together through the University of California, San Francisco.旧金山市具备一些天然的优势:有钱、一贯力挺抗H.I.V.斗争的政治领导人(他们这么做的部分原因是因为同性恋人群是一大票仓)、密切合作的医学界。许多抗艾领域的高官都曾在加州大学旧金山分校(University of California, San Francisco)一起学习、培训,并共同完成研究项目。Because of the tech boom, City Hall’s budget grew from billion to nearly billion in 10 years. For patients not eligible for federal or state aid, the city has its own health insurance: Healthy San Francisco. And it has been able to counter every cut in federal AIDS funds.借助科技繁荣的东风,10年之内,市政厅的财政预算从50亿美元增长到了近90亿美元。对于无法获得联邦或州府医保救助的患者,该市提供了自己的医保计划:健康旧金山(Healthy San Francisco)计划。目前它已足以应对联邦政府AIDS基金的削减。“One of my first budget questions is always, ‘Are they cutting our Ryan White money again?’ ” Mayor Edwin M. Lee said in an interview, referring to the 1990 law that pays for AIDS drugs. “Since 2011, we’ve backfilled more than million — with very little debate.”“我面临的最重要的预算问题始终是:‘按照瑞安·怀特法案(Ryan White,瑞安·怀特是美国抗击艾滋病和消除艾滋病歧视的标志性人物,1990年他去世之后,美国国会通过了美国最大的针对艾滋病患者及携带者的免费治疗法案——译注)我们应该得到的拨款是不是又被砍了?’ ”市长李孟贤(Edwin M. Lee)在接受采访时说。“2011年以来,我们补上了2000多万美元的资金空缺——几乎没有引发什么争议。”Wealth also eases the burden in a harsher way: Soaring rents have driven out many poor residents. Two-thirds of San Francisco’s infected are white or Asian; nationally, 63 percent are black or Hispanic. Older, wealthier, openly gay white men are more likely to be insured and well-informed about risks than young black and Hispanic men, the epidemic’s fastest-growing subgroup.与此同时,金钱也在以一种更为残酷的方式减轻该市的负担:飙升的房租令许多贫困居民不得不离开此地。旧金山三分之二的H.I.V.感染者是白人或亚洲人。而纵观整个美国,63%的感染者是黑人或西裔美国人。与年轻黑人和西裔男性这个疫情增长最快的人口亚群相比,年龄较大、较为富裕、且已经出柜的白人同性恋男性拥有保险的可能性更高,对各种风险了解得也更加充分。But the city’s chief strength has been a willingness to go first, to rapidly adopt tactics that work in pilot projects or clinical trials, before they are endorsed by public health organizations like the C.D.C. and the W.H.O.但该市最大的优势之源是愿意先行一步,在C.D.C.和W.H.O.这样的公共卫生机构认可之前,就迅速应用那些在试点项目或临床试验中有效的策略。In 1983, the city opened the first dedicated AIDS ward. In 1987, it tested the first antiretroviral drug, AZT. In 1992, it began distributing clean needles to drug addicts.1983年,该市开设了第一个艾滋病专用病房。1987年,它试用了第一种抗逆转录病毒药物AZT(叠氮胸苷)。1992年,它开始向瘾君子们分发洁净的针头。In 2010, it adopted “test-and-treat” — antiretroviral drugs given as soon as a patient tested positive. In 2013, it started the preventive drug program, PrEP — pre-exposure prophylaxis with Truvada, a two-drug pill — at no charge to the uninsured. By some estimates, 15 percent of the city’s gay men are now taking Truvada.2010年,该市推行了“检测即治疗(test-and-treat)”策略,只要患者的检测呈阳性即尽快给予抗逆转录病毒药物治疗。2013年,它开始实施预防用药方案,即使用特鲁瓦达(Truvada,一种抗逆转录病毒药物,主要成分为恩去他滨和提诺福韦——译注)为无医保人群免费提供暴露前预防(PrEP)。据估计,该市的男同性恋中有15%正在用特鲁瓦达。Numerous recent studies have shown that people taking antiretroviral therapy every day not only live longer, but also have so little circulating virus that they are highly unlikely to infect others even through unprotected sex.近期的众多研究显示,每天接受抗逆转录病毒治疗者不仅寿命更长,其循环系统中的病毒也极少,即使发生了无保护的性行为,传染他人的可能性也很小。But the shift to immediate drug treatment was a struggle. Dr. Grant Colfax, who was then the city’s director of H.I.V. prevention, met resistance from doctors arguing that drug side effects were too harsh to begin immediately and that patients not yet motivated by brushes with death might take medicines carelessly and develop resistant strains.然而,将防治策略转变为立即上药仍然困难重重。该市H.I.V.预防部门的负责人格兰特·科尔法克斯(Grant Colfax)士遇到了来自医生们的阻力,他们反对的理由是:药物的副作用太厉害,不适合推行发现后立即治疗的原则;一部分未感到死亡威胁的患者治疗的积极性不高,很可能不好好药,以致因此产生耐药性病毒株。Community groups were also angry. Many had lucrative city contracts to hand out condoms and advice, which the city rewrote to require they do tests and provide medical care.社区团体也不高兴。之前许多社团都跟市政签订了利润丰厚的合同,负责分发安全套和宣传抗艾指南。根据该市重新起草的新指南,他们还需要协助进行检测,并提供医疗务。“We were accused of ‘medicalizing H.I.V.,’ ” Dr. Colfax said. “Which I found ironic.” But the new-infection rate had not budged for 11 years. “We couldn’t keep doing the same old thing,” he said.“别人指责我们‘对H.I.V.过度医疗化’,#39;“科尔法克斯士说。“这让我觉得很有讽刺意味。”新发感染率11年未变过。“我们不能再继续过去的做法了,”他说。He persisted, and won.他坚持了下来,并取得了胜利。To identify infected people, the city increased testing and created a program called Rapid, the one that helped Rafael: It guarantees a quick doctor’s visit, with cab fare to get there if necessary, and help finding insurance.为了甄别感染者,该市增强了检测力度,并创建了快速通道(Rapid program),确保受感染者可以尽快得到医生的看诊(如有必要,甚至还报销去医院的出租车费),并帮助他们获得医疗保险。拉斐尔就是该方案的受益者之一。The Magnet Clinic, where Rafael was diagnosed, did 9,600 H.I.V. tests last year. It lies in the heart of the Castro, the city’s rainbow-flag-bedecked gay mecca, and resembles a cheery cellphone store: The waiting room has couches, flowers, disco music and photographs of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a campy drag troupe. A mobile of smiling penis toys dangled over one examination table.为拉斐尔诊断的磁铁诊所(Magnet Clinic)去年进行了9600例H.I.V.检测。这家诊所坐落在旧金山市挂满了虹旗的同性恋者圣地——卡斯特罗街区(Castro)的中心地带,外观就像一个明快的手机店:候诊区里设有沙发、鲜花、迪斯科音乐和“无尽耽溺”(Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,一个男扮女装的同性恋者剧团——译注)的照片。在检查台上方,还悬挂着一些带有微笑表情的阴茎玩具。“We didn’t want it to feel like a jail cell,” said the nursing director, Pierre-Cedric Crouch, wearing the clinic’s signature “No Blame/No Shame” T-shirt. “And we have no stigma. You can come in saying you just slept with 20 guys and don’t know what a condom is, and we don’t criticize you. We help you out.”“我们不想让人觉得这里像是牢房,”护理部主任皮埃尔-塞德里克·克劳奇(Pierre-Cedric Crouch)身着诊所标志性的“不责备/不羞愧(No Blame/No Shame)”T恤说道。“我们这里不做评判。你走进来说你跟20个男人上过床,而且从不知安全套为何物,我们也不会责难你。我们只提供帮助。”Magnet’s social workers will enroll patients in insurance or, if they have coverage, fight to make sure it covers what they need.磁铁诊所的社工会动员患者参加保险,如果他们已经参保,则会争取确保它可以报销他们的所需开销。Jayne Gagliano, the benefits manager, said she regularly had to explain to out-of-state insurers that using Truvada to prevent infection was, in fact, F.D.A.-approved.福利经理杰恩·加利亚诺(Jayne Gagliano)说自己经常需要向外州的保险公司解释使用特鲁瓦达预防H.I.V.感染实际上已经经过了美国食品和药品监督(Food and Drug Administration, F.D.A.)的审批。“The fragmented American insurance system is one of our biggest obstacles,” said Dr. Diane V. Havlir, the chief of the H.I.V. division at San Francisco General, who has seen patients stop taking their pills because of coverage lapses.“离破碎的美国保险体制是我们最大的障碍之一,”旧金山市综合医院H.I.V.部门的负责人黛安娜·V·哈夫利尔(Diane V. Havlir)士说道,她曾目睹一些患者因为医保报销问题而被迫停药。East of the Castro is the Tenderloin — a grim neighborhood peppered with single-room-occupancy hotels, homeless shelters and liquor stores. More than a quarter of the city’s homeless are gay or transgender, and many are found here. Some trade sex for drugs or a place to sleep, and end up infected.卡斯特罗区的东面是田德隆,一个充斥着单身公寓旅馆、无家可归者收容所和酒类专卖店的可怕街区。这个城市中超过四分之一的无家可归者是同性恋者或变性人,其中许多人都生活在这里。有的人用性来交换毒品或落脚地,结果感染了H.I.V.。Four years ago, San Francisco created Linkage into Care teams — Lincs for short — to track such patients.四年前,旧金山市创建了联动护理团队(Linkage into Care teams,简称Lincs)来追踪这类患者。In 2012-13, Lincs “navigators” searched for 315 missing H.I.V. patients and enrolled 116 of them — the rest were not found, or were jailed, dead or refused help. Navigators call and text patients, visit them and even escort them to doctors.2012-13年间,Lincs的“领航员”对315名失踪的H.I.V.患者展开了搜寻,并将其中116人纳入了医护项目,其余的人要么是没找到,要么是已经死亡或被关进了监狱,也有的拒绝接受帮助。“领航员”们给患者们打电话、发短信、看望他们,甚至陪他们去看医生。Some 73 percent of the Lincs patients stayed in care, and they were twice as likely to be virally suppressed as similar patients who were not in Lincs.在Lincs的患者中有约73%坚持了治疗,且达到病毒抑制状态的可能性是出于类似状况的非Lincs患者的两倍。Recently, Erin Antunez, a Lincs navigator, spent her day focused on three: a young man released from jail that morning, a drug injector living in a Market Street hotel, and a 36-year-old mother staying in a former AIDS hospice.不久前的一天,Lincs的一名“领航员”埃琳·安图内斯(Erin Antunez)在当天的工作主要围绕着三个人展开:一名当天上午刚从监狱释放出来的年轻男子,一个住在市场街旅馆里的瘾君子,还有一个是生活在曾经的AIDS安养院的一位36岁母亲。The former prisoner “was not a big red flag,” she said. He usually took his pills and had a clinic appointment that afternoon.那个刑满释放人员“不是什么大问题”,安图内斯女士说。他经常领取药物,而且还预约在当天下午接受诊疗。The drug user often disappeared. He recently had texted her: “Where can I get an abscess drained without all the red tape?” but then had not answered several messages.瘾君子经常玩失踪。前一阵子他还发短信问她:“在哪儿做脓肿引流可以不用忍受那些麻烦的繁文缛节?”她给他发了若干消息,但之后就杳无回音了。“A lot of this work is ‘Where’s Waldo?’ ” Ms. Antunez said.安图内斯女士说:“我的工作有很多时候都像是在玩《沃尔多在哪里?》(‘Where’s Waldo?’,由英国插画家Martin Handford创作的一套儿童书籍,读者需要在人山人海的图片中找出沃尔多——译注)”Her first visit was to the Maitri Hospice, a haven on a residential block. Founded, according to its website, by a “drug-addled drag queen turned Zen master,” it has a Buddha and origami cranes for décor, and separate smoking porches for tobacco and medical marijuana.这一天,她首先前往某住宅区一家名为Maitri 临终关怀中心(Maitri Hospice)的安养院。网站介绍其创办者“原先是个吸毒成瘾的男扮女装者,后来成为禅宗大师”。安养院里装饰着佛像和纸鹤,还设有独立的吸烟门廊以供吸烟和医用大麻。The young mother was not dying, although she had survived two types of AIDS-related pneumonia.她要探视的这位年轻母亲并无性命之忧,不过之前熬过了两种不同的AIDS相关肺炎。Rather, she “just needed a break,” Ms. Antunez said, from methamphetamine binges in her housing project, during which she slept on any free couch and neglected her pills.更确切地说,她“只是需要从她住处的甲基苯丙胺狂欢节中脱身,好好休息一下”,因为她只能随便找张空沙发睡觉,完全忽略了吃药这件事。Today, she was waiting in a turquoise tank top, floral shorts and a white Tilley hat, y to ride a city bus to Ward 86.她今天穿上了绿松石色的背心和印花短裤,还戴了一顶白色的Tilley帽子,正等着乘坐城市公交车前往86号病区。Ms. Antunez asked about her new tattoos. Deeply shy, the woman focused on her phone and mumbled childlike answers — until she mistakenly thought a reporter was a supervisor assessing Ms. Antunez, and leapt to her defense: “Erin is great! You can tell some people don’t want much to do with you, but she knocks on doors, she calls me, we play phone tag.”安图内斯女士问起她的新纹身。她很害羞,一直看着手机,喃喃地述说着孩子般天真的,直到她误以为记者是来评估安图内斯女士工作的主管,一下子跳了起来,为她辩护道:“埃琳很棒!你看得出来有些人其实并不心甘情愿想跟你扯上关系。但她来敲我的门,打电话给我,我们还一起玩电话捉迷藏的游戏。”Ms. Antunez’s afternoon client was not in his room at the Donnelly Hotel although she knocked loudly in case he was in a stupor.然而,安图内斯女士下午要拜访的客户却没待在唐纳利酒店(Donnelly Hotel)他的房间里。她大声地敲他的房门,怕他是昏过去了。A manager said he had “shown everyone his abscess” and then left.酒店经理说他“向所有人展示他身上的脓肿”,然后就走了。Worried that he would lance his own abscess, she checked restricted databases that Lincs has access to, including all public clinic visitors and all H.I.V. tests ordered.安图内斯女士很担心他会自己去挑脓肿,于是她利用Lincs的权限访问了数个数据库,查看了公共门诊的所有就诊者和已安排好的所有H.I.V.检测。They revealed that her ex-prisoner and the drug user had seen doctors that afternoon. “Yeah!” she cried, waving her fists and doing a dance in her chair. “That’s a good navigation day.”结果显示,她负责的那个刑满释放者和瘾君子在那天下午都接受过医生诊查。“好极了!”她挥舞着拳头喊道,在椅子上手舞足蹈。“真是顺利的一天”。In 2013, shortly after the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Truvada to prevent H.I.V. infection San Francisco started offering it to everyone at risk. Some gay men called others “Truvada whores” for avoiding condoms.2013年,就在F.D.A.批准使用特鲁瓦达预防H.I.V.感染后不久,旧金山市开始向整个高危人群提供这种药物。有些男同性恋者管用了特鲁瓦达就不使用安全套的人叫“特鲁瓦达男娼(Truvada whores)”。The backlash has mostly faded, said Dr. Bradley C. Hare, the director of H.I.V. for Kaiser, which also offered PrEP early. The first adopters, he said, “were the equivalent of the people who camp outside the Apple store for the latest iPhones.” Now a “second wave” has emerged, he said. “It’s people who needed a little more education but now say, ‘My friend is using it, and I’m doing the same things he’s doing, so ...’ ”凯萨医疗机构(Kaiser)也是最早提供预防药物的组织之一,其H.I.V.部门的负责人布拉德利·C·黑尔(Bradley C. Hare)士说:抵触情绪基本已经消退了。他将首先尝试预防药物者“比作在苹果零售店外面彻夜排队等着买最新款iPhone手机的人”。如今,“第二次浪潮”已经出现,他说。“这些人需要更多的教育,现在他们终于意识到:‘我的朋友正在使用它,既然我们总是在做同样的事情,那么……’ ”Dr. Lisa Capaldini, a popular doctor in the Castro, said she was “still ambivalent” about PrEP. Avoiding condoms, she said “makes it a Trojan horse for syphilis and gonorrhea, so if I had an 18-year-old gay son, I’d say, ‘I’d rather you used condoms.’ ”在卡斯特罗区颇受欢迎的医生莉莎·卡帕尔迪尼(Lisa Capaldini)士说自己对预防药的态度“仍摇摆不定”。因为很多人用预防药后就不使用安全套了,她认为“这就像特洛伊木马一样给了梅毒和淋病可趁之机。所以如果我有一个18岁的同性恋儿子,我会对他说:‘我宁愿你使用安全套’。”Dr. Buchbinder, of the health department, disagreed, saying, “Denying PrEP to patients because they might have unsafe sex makes about as much sense as our colleagues who treat high cholesterol denying statins to theirs because they might eat more ice cream.”卫生部的布赫宾德士表示了不同意见,她说:“因为担心患者会发生不安全的性行为就拒绝对其应用预防药,就像治疗高胆固醇症的同行因为怕患者有了他汀类药物后会使劲吃冰淇淋而不肯给他们开药一样。”A recent study of the first 657 Kaiser patients on PrEP found that their condom use had indeed gone down and more had caught venereal diseases — but in two years, not one had caught H.I.V.最近的一项研究考察了Kaiser的前657名接受预防药物的患者,发现他们的安全套使用率确有下降,且更容易患上性病——但两年内这些人中无一感染H.I.V.。Stephen, a slim, soft-spoken 24-year-old Chicago native, just got on Truvada. He delayed for a year, he said, until he found a job with health insurance. He had been on his parents’ policy and feared their seeing the prescription. They are conservative Roman Catholics who know he is gay but dislike it. “My father offered to buy me hookers,” he said, shaking his head.斯蒂芬(Stephen)是一个24岁的芝加哥小伙子,身型单薄,说话轻声细语,他刚刚开始用特鲁瓦达。他不得不推迟一年用药是因为他需要先找到一份带医疗保险的工作。之前,他的保险附带在他父母的保单上,他生怕他们会发现特鲁瓦达的处方。他的父母都是保守的天主教徒,知道他是同性恋后非常不满。“我的父亲甚至给我钱让我去招妓,”他摇着头说。Stephen first heard of the drug through a gay student group at his Catholic college. “But my friend said it means you’re super-slutty, that it’s for people who bareback, or go into dark rooms for sex,” he said. “I didn’t want to associate with it.”斯蒂芬第一次听说这种药是在他所在的天主教学院的同性恋学生社团里。“我的朋友说,这种药是给那些超级放荡、做爱不戴套或者一有机会就钻进小黑屋做爱的人用的,”他说。“我一点儿也不想跟它扯上关系。”Now, he said, he considers it another form of protection, “something I definitely want to add to my bag of goods.”但现在他知道这是另一种形式的保护,“是应该毫不犹豫照单全收的东西。”If he had grown up in San Francisco, he probably would have learned of it earlier. Discussion of PrEP is now mandatory in public school ninth-grade sex-ed classes.如果他从小在旧金山长大,很可能早就明白了这一点。如今,围绕预防药物的讨论是公立学校九年级性教育课程的必修内容。The city’s success is not only shrinking the epidemic. It is changing the psychology of gay sex here in unexpected ways. The fear of death — so long a part of being gay in America — appears to be receding.旧金山的成功不仅在于它控制并缩小了疫情,还在于它以一种出人意料的方式改变着这里的同性恋者对性行为的心态。长期以来,美国的同性恋者已经习惯于生活在死亡的阴影之下,如今,这种恐惧正在逐渐消散。Take Bradley and Paul, a couple visiting the Magnet clinic for gonorrhea tests. Paul, 53, a ruddy and weather-beaten Hawaii resident who called himself “one of the dinosaurs,” said he had probably been infected with H.I.V. as a teenager. Many friends died decades ago. “It’s crazy I’m still alive,” he said.就拿布拉德利和保罗(Paul)这一对前往磁铁诊所接受淋病检测的恋人来说吧。保罗现年53岁,是个面色红润、皮肤黝黑的夏威夷人,自称“大恐龙”。他说自己大概在十几岁时就感染了H.I.V.。很多朋友在数十年前就已经去世了。“我居然还活着,这简直太好了,”他说。Bradley, who resembled a prep-school athlete about 20 years younger, was from Atlanta and uninfected. They felt safe together, Paul explained, because he takes Complera, a triple-therapy pill, while Bradley takes Truvada.布拉德利来自亚特兰大,他看起来就像是一名年轻20来岁的在读预科学校的运动员;他未受感染。保罗解释道,因为他自己在用三联制剂Complera,而布拉德利在接受特鲁瓦达,所以他们在一起感觉很安全。“PrEP has really changed the game,” he said. “Bradley was the first guy I knew who was on it. He’d prefer to be with someone with an undetectable viral load than with someone who says, ‘Well, I assume I’m still negative.’ It blows my mind to be positive and not feel like a pariah.”“是预防药改变了一切,”他说。“布拉德利是我认识的第一个在使用它的人。他说自己宁愿选择一个检测不出病毒载量的人,也不要跟一个自称‘哦,我猜我应该还没被感染’的人在一起。这让我心态积极,不会感觉自己像一个社会弃儿。”“It’s really nice to still be around now and see a younger generation go through what we did,” he added. “I grew up in the ’70s with no fear. The guys in the ’90s were full of fear. Now guys are growing up with no fear at all.”“现在还能活蹦乱跳地看着年轻一辈重温我们的经历,感觉真不赖,”他补充道。“我成长于20世纪70年代,当时人们并不知道有什么需要害怕。到了90年代,人们满心恐惧。现在,年轻人又可以无所畏惧地安心长大了。” /201510/405823贵溪银矿职工医院生孩子价格

鹰潭高新技术开发区引产哪家医院最好的Eastern Europe is warning David Cameron against meddling with “sacrosanct” migrant worker rights, as the newly re-elected prime minister prepares to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership terms.新连任的英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)准备重新谈判英国的欧盟成员国条款之际,东欧国家警告其不要干预“神圣不可侵犯”的移民劳工权利。While Mr Cameron’s election victory was greeted by positive signals from Brussels, Paris and Berlin, Britain’s traditional allies in the east are preparing for a fight to defend the free movement rights of migrant workers.尽管比利时、法国和德国对大选获胜的卡梅伦释放了积极信号,但英国在东欧地区的传统盟国准备为捍卫移民劳工的自由流动权利而斗争。“They cannot be touched,” Peter Javor#269;ik, Slovakia’s Europe minister, told the Financial Times.“它们不能被触动,”斯洛伐克的欧洲事务部长彼得#8226;亚沃尔奇克(Peter Javor#269;ik)告诉英国《金融时报》。Szabolcs Takács, Hungary’s EU minister, called freedom of movement a “red line”, adding that it was one of the EU’s biggest achievements. “We don’t like it when Hungarian workers are called migrants, they are EU citizens with the freedom to work in other European countries,” he said.匈牙利的欧盟(EU)事务部长绍尔奇#8226;塔卡克斯(Szabolcs Takács)形容自由流动权是一条“红线”,并补充说,那是欧盟最大的成就之一。“我们对匈牙利工人被称为移民感到不满,他们是欧盟公民,拥有到其他欧洲国家工作的自由,”他表示。Meanwhile, Rafa#322; Trzaskowski, Poland’s Europe minister, said: “We are y to sit at the table and talk about what needs to be reformed#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but when it comes to immigration, our red lines are well known.”同时,波兰的欧洲事务部长拉法乌#8226;恰斯科夫斯基(Rafa#322; Trzaskowski)表示:“我们已经准备好坐上谈判桌,讨论需要改革的事务……但说到移民,我们的红线是众所周知的。”Britain has in the past counted former communist countries in central and eastern Europe as natural allies, but Mr Cameron has hurt relations in recent years by his tough stance on migration.英国曾把中、东欧的前共产党国家视为天然盟友,但近年卡梅伦在移民问题上的强硬立场使英国和这些国家的关系受损。The issue is set to become the biggest flashpoint in Mr Cameron’s pursuit of a “new deal” for Britain, which he will put to an in-out referendum on UK membership of the bloc by 2017.卡梅伦将在2017年就英国是否继续留在欧盟举行全民公投,在他寻求为英国争取“新协议”的过程中,移民问题将成为最大的争论焦点。The British prime minister’s election victory last week was accompanied by signs from leaders in western Europe that they would try to help him reset Britain’s relationship with the EU.上周卡梅伦在选举中获胜后,西欧国家领导人表现出他们愿意帮助他“重启”英国和欧盟关系的迹象。Angela Merkel, German chancellor, described his win as “simply great”, and Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, called Mr Cameron to invite him to Paris. Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, said: “I stand y to work with you to strike a fair deal for the ed Kingdom in the EU.”德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)称卡梅伦的胜利“太好了”,而法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)则致电邀请卡梅伦访问巴黎。欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)表示:“我愿与你合作,为英国的欧盟成员国身份达成公平的协议。”Mr Cameron needs to secure a good deal, amid warnings by David Davis, a senior Conservative MP, that 60 or so Tory MPs could vote for a Brexit unless he succeeds.资深保守党议员戴维#8226;戴维斯(David Davis)警告称,卡梅伦需要争取到一项好的协议,否则的话,60名左右的保守党议员将投票持英国退出欧盟。Mr Trzaskowski said that Poland was willing to help but there were limits. “Poland’s strategic interest is to keep Britain in. But it does not mean we will agree to anything. Competition and the internal market are sacrosanct. And so is freedom of movement,” he said.波兰的恰斯科夫斯基表示,波兰愿意帮助英国,但那是有限度的。“波兰的战略利益是让英国留在欧盟。但这并不意味着我们会同意一切。竞争和内部市场是神圣不可侵犯的。自由流动也是。” /201505/374476 鹰潭哪个引产医院好鹰潭市不孕不育症



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