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新诺亚方舟:国家基因库启动试运行 -- ::8 来源:sohu 6月18日,由中国基因研究巨头华大基因构建的国家基因库在深圳启动试运行 A national gene bank built by China's gene research giant BGI started trial operation on June 18th, in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. 总部位于深圳的华大基因的董事长汪建表示,基因库收集了00万生物资源样本基因库将促进在健康、农业、生物多样性和环境保护方面的研究与商业 Wang Jian, chairman of the Shenzhen-headquartered company, said the gene bank has a collection of million samples of biological resources. The project is expected to boost research and business in fields of health, agriculture, species diversity and environmental protection. 如果再次发生大的自然灾害或物种灭绝的情况,资源样本库可以起到“诺亚方舟”的作用,那些保存在此的生物种质资源,可以作为生物多样性和遗传资源的储备 由国家发展与改革委员会于年批复,基因库专注于储存并管理国家不同的基因资源、基因数据以及生物信息汪建表示,公司还计划建立国家基因实验室 Approved by the National Development and Rem Commission in , the facility is dedicated to storing and managing the country's unique genetic resources and data, as well as biological inmation. Wang said the company also plans to set up a national laboratory on genomics. 同时,华大基因于6月19日宣布,公司获得一些机构的投资,将正式启动基因技术应用创投孵化平台公司保将向其他初创公司公开科技平台和数据 In addition, BGI announced on June 19th, that it, along with several institutional investors, launched a startup incubator on application of gene technology. The company promised to open its technology platm and data to members of the incubator.。

手机碎屏?逆天材料让碎屏自动愈合! -- 01:51: 来源: 逆天科技终于能让碎了的东西可以自我修复了!英国研究员发明的这种新型材料如果运用到一切产品中:想象一下能像流血结痂般自动愈合的手机屏幕吧!手滑党急需!!!A new self-repairing material has been developed by researchers in the UK and they say it’ll be y to integrate into everything from smartphone screens to nail varnish within the next five years.英国研究员已开发一种能自我修复的新型材料,他们声称在未来5年内,这款材料将整合入所有的东西中——从智能手机屏幕到指甲油Originally developed aeroplane wings, the technology has the potential to revolutionise a range of industries with the capacity to move into tiny cracks and harden inside like the way blood ms a dry, protective scab to heal flesh wounds.这项科技原本是为飞机机翼打造的,但如今它拥有彻底改变一系列工业的潜能:新型材料能移至细微裂纹加固内部,就如同血液会自动形成干燥、保护性的痂来痊愈皮肉伤一样Made from a mixture of different carbon-based chemicals, this new healing agent produces a sheet of millions of microscopic spheres. When a crack breaks these hollow microspheres apart, a liquid is released that moves into the newly med gap. A chemical reaction then causes the polymerisation - or hardening - of this liquid, causing it to glue to the edges of the cracks and m a hard, near-invisible filler.这种新型治愈体由不同碳基化工品混合而成,会生成一张由数百万微观球体构成的板面当裂缝打碎了空心球体的表面,它会释放一种液体填补到新的裂缝中去随后的化学反应生成聚合作用,将液体硬化,使之将裂缝边缘沾到一起,形成几乎看不见的坚硬填充物The technology has been developed by a team from England’s University of Bristol, led by chemist Duncan Wass, and was presented at a Royal Society meeting in London last month.这项技术是由英国布里斯托尔大学化学家邓肯·沃斯带领下的一小队研发而成,上月于英国皇家学会会议上展示"We took inspiration from the human body," Wass told Chris Green at The Independent.“我们从人类身体中获得了灵感,”沃斯告诉《独立报的克里斯·格林"We’ve not evolved to withstand any damage - if we were like that we’d have a skin as thick as a rhinoceros - but if we do get damaged, we bleed, and it scabs and heals. We just put that same sort of function into a synthetic material: let’s have something that can heal itself."“我们不是生来就能抵御一切伤害的——如果我们真能做到,那我们的皮肤就跟犀牛一样厚了——但如果我们真的受伤了,我们会流血,会结痂会愈合我们只是将同样的原理应用到了合成材质中:让材料也能自我修复”。

评估贫困学生补助,大数据真的公平吗? --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:国家针对贫困大学生的补助,本来是一项充满人文关怀的政策,却常常因为评估体系不合理,无法甄别造假的补助申请而遭人诟病在多所高校引入大数据对学生的补助申请进行评估后,新的问题又来了:评估贫困学生补助,大数据真的公平吗?Jiangsu University in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, recently disqualified 1 students from receiving subsidies intended impoverished students based on their monthly mobile phone payments, Beijing News reported on May 9.据《新京报5月9日消息,位于江苏省镇江市的江苏大学最近取消了1名学生的贫困补助资格,学校的依据是他们每月的话费账单Another school, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, had previously used students’ monthly consumption habits in the university canteen to determine who needed financial support. What Jiangsu University did, however, is more controversial because phone fees say little about a student’s financial situation.另一所高校——南京理工大学此前也曾依据学生在学校食堂的消费情况决定谁有资格获得贫困补助不过江苏大学的做法引起了更大的争议,因为话费并不能说明学生的经济状况Schools have turned to using consumption habits as a metric poverty in an eft to spare families from public embarrassment. In the past, applications financial support were disclosed public scrutiny, and some families felt uncomtable with the possibility that their private finances might be published all to see.为了免除学生家庭(因为经济状况暴露)在公众面前的尴尬,学校转而以消费习惯作为衡量贫困与否的标准过去,贫困补助申请都要公开审查,这让一些家庭感到不适,因为这样他们的个人经济状况很有可能会被曝光在众目睽睽之下However, the use of big data, which only applies to how much students spend during a certain period of time, is still unable to identify whether they are from rich or poor families.不过大数据只适用于调查学生在特定时间内的花销,并不能辨别出学生家庭是富裕还是贫困In many developed countries, college students do not have to go through these kinds of appraisals to receive subsidies. All they need is evidence of their family’s income and taxes. A fake application is usually easily identified and will become an indelible stain on a student’s record.在许多发达国家,大学生获得资助不需要通过这类评估他们只要将家庭的收入和纳税明交给学校即可造假的申请通常很容易被识破,而这将成为学生信用记录上擦不掉的污点Many Chinese colleges, by contrast, do require students to provide verified inmation about their family’s income. In certain cases, students – sometimes assisted by their families – ge their documents so they can masquerade as impoverished students. The certificates used as proof of income in China are much harder to verify.相较之下,许多中国大学确实要求学生提供能够明家庭收入的信息但在某些情况下,学生,有时在家人的协助下,会对资料造假,那么他们就能伪装成贫困生了在中国,核实贫困家庭收入明的难度更大Universities that make the switch to a system based on big data face several obstacles. First, they have to be careful not to infringe upon students’ legal interests or selectively collect their inmation. To bolster their big data systems, some schools are using alumni networks and local governments to get a better idea of each student’s financial background. To further prevent fraudulent applications, the country also needs to keep improving the nationwide credit investigation system.将评估体系转变为使用大数据的高校也面临着不少困难首先,它们要小心以免损害了学生的合法权利,或者收集到的学生信息带有偏向性作为大数据系统的补充,有些学校利用自己的校友网络和地方政府信息更准确地获得学生的经济背景为了进一步杜绝虚假申请,我国还需要进一步完善国家信用调查体系。

狠心母亲:杀亲生女儿 只为让丈夫“痛不欲生” --01 1::1 来源: 岁的女孩和岁的女孩,正值人生花季,却被自己的母亲开打死母亲这样做的目的,竟然是想让丈夫活下来,承受失去家人的痛苦 A Texas mother who gunned down her two daughters at a suburban Houston home was angry about a pending marriage one of them, and may have let her husband survive so he would have to live with the anguish of losing his family, police said on Wednesday.周三警方称,在德克萨斯州休斯顿的郊区,母亲因女儿即将结婚而生气,所以向着两个女儿开她这样做是想让丈夫活下来,承受失去家人的痛苦The mother, Christy Sheats, , called a family meeting on Friday to discipline her daughter Taylor, , who was to be married in a few days. The mother pointed a gun at her husband and then shot each daughter one time in the house, County Sheriff Nehls told a news conference.内尔斯警官在记者招待会上说,周五,岁的母亲克里斯蒂·希茨召开家庭会议,训导几天之后即将结婚的岁女儿泰勒她拿指向丈夫,然后冲着每个女儿开了一The mother fired more shots inside as the husband and daughters fled. Christy Sheats was later shot by police as she stood with her five-shot, 38 caliber handgun near her daughters.丈夫和女儿们逃跑的时候,克里斯蒂又在屋里开了几之后,手拿5发38口径手站在女儿旁边的克里斯蒂·希茨被警察击毙"According to Mr. Sheats, she wanted to blame him what had taken place," Nehls said. "He did state that she accomplished what she set out to do and that is to make him suffer."“希茨先生称,克里斯蒂是因为过去发生的事情责备他,”内尔斯说“克里斯蒂完成了她打算做的事,那就是让他痛苦”On scream-filled 9 calls from the incident, the daughters pleaded their lives.拨打9报警的时候,电话里都是女儿们求救的尖叫声"Please. give me. Don’t shoot," one of the daughters said, and then a shriek is heard followed by crying, in the tape released on Tuesday by the sheriff’s Office.周二,警官办公室播放了录音的磁带,一个女儿边叫边哭地说道:“求求您,饶了我吧,不要开”"Please! I’m sorry," said one of the daughters in the call placed from the phone of Madison Sheats, who was killed along with her sister Taylor, .“求求您了!我们对不起您,”岁的女儿麦迪逊·希茨在电话中说道之后,她和岁的泰勒都被杀了Christy Sheats’ husband, Jason Sheats, can also be heard pleading to prevent the shooting.电话里,丈夫詹森·希茨也在恳求克里斯蒂不要开In a call from Taylor’s phone, screams can be heard along with a voice faintly coughing bee the call is cut off.在泰勒拨打过来的电话中,能够听到尖叫声和虚弱的咳嗽声之后,电话被挂掉了Madison died outside after fleeing. Taylor was shot again. Christy Sheats went back inside apparently to reload and then shot Taylor once more, this time in the back, a witness told the sheriff’s office.目击者告诉警局说,麦迪逊逃跑之后死在了屋子外面克里斯蒂又朝泰勒开了一之后,克里斯蒂回到屋里,好像是要把装满弹药,然后又向着泰勒的后背开了一According to her Facebook page, Christy Sheats was a strong backer of gun rights.克里斯蒂脸书主页上的信息说明,她是持权的强烈持者In September, she posted a message to her daughters, calling them "amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls," adding, "I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know."9月份,克里斯蒂给发布了一条消息,称女儿们“优秀,甜美,善良,漂亮,聪明”,还写道“我比你们知道的还要爱你们,珍惜你们”Christy, who had been suffering from depression, had applied a handgun license and was denied, the husband told the sheriff’s office.丈夫告诉警局说,克里斯蒂一直患有抑郁症,她申请手许可,但被拒绝了The sheriff’s office said it received calls requesting its services from the Sheats residence since January .警察局表示,自从年1月份,总共接到了希茨家请求务的个电话。

迪拜75层天楼又失火 无人伤亡 -- 18::3 来源: 日下午,迪拜一幢75层高大厦发生火灾,所幸无人伤亡这是阿联酋近年来发生的第五起天楼火灾 DUBAI, ed Arab Emirates (AP) — A residential skyscraper caught fire in Dubai’s densely populated Marina district on Wednesday, sending thick plumes of smoke into the air and burning chunks of the building tumbling to the streets below.迪拜,阿联酋(美联社)——7月日,在迪拜人口密集的Marina区,一幢住宅区天大楼起火,滚滚浓烟飘散在空气中,很多块状的燃烧碎片坠落到街道上It was the latest in a string of dramatic infernos that have raced up the sides of skyscrapers in and around the Mideast’s commercial hub, which is home to the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.中东的商业中心——迪拜近年来发生过多起天大楼起火事件全球最高的哈利法塔就高耸在迪拜The afternoon blaze began several stories off the ground of the 95-foot (8 meter) Sulafa Tower and sp rapidly as hot wind gusts fanned the flames. Hundreds of Marina residents fled to the cavernous streets around the tower as firefighters raced to the scene.当天下午,这座95英尺(8米)高的Sulafa Tower大厦的部分楼层起火,随着热风的煽动,火势迅速扩散大厦附近数百名居民紧急疏散到空洞的大街上来,消防员们火速赶往事故现场"It was really scary," said Nora Maki, who lives across the street. She said the flames "sp like wildfire" but said emergency crews did a good job of getting it under control.住在这里的居民Nora Maki告诉记者,“这真的很吓人”她说火苗“蔓延极快”,不过消防官兵做的非常好,很快控制了火势Firefighters could be seen on scorched balconies trying to reach out to extinguish the fire.现场可以看到,消防员们在被烧焦的阳台上忙碌,试图扑灭大火There were no casualties and the fire was extinguished within three hours, according to the Dubai Media Office.据迪拜媒体办报道火灾未造成人员伤亡,大火在三小时内被扑灭The tower opened in , according to the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. It says the tower has 76 stories and ranks as the 1st tallest building in Dubai, which boasts several of the world’s highest residential towers.据芝加哥的高层建筑和城市住宅委员会称,Sulafa Tower于年投入使用,有76层高,高度在迪拜天楼里排第1位,也是全球仅有的几幢天住宅楼The building’s Dubai-based developer, Al Sayyah and Sons Investment Co., could not be reached comment.大厦的开发商Al Sayyah and Sons投资公司目前尚未能联系上Multiple skyscrapers have been struck by similar fires across the ed Arab Emirates in recent years. While the initial causes may differ, building and safety experts blame the fires’ rapid sp on a popular type of cladding used to cover the buildings that can be highly flammable, particularly if installed without fire breaks.近年来,阿联酋类似的火灾频发火灾最初的起因可能各有不同,不过建筑和安全专家指出,火势快速蔓延的主要原因是在这里普遍使用的一种外墙材料易燃,特别是在没有装防火墙的情况下The most prominent recent fire was a New Year’s inferno at a 63-story luxury building known as The Address Downtown Dubai, which is near the ,7-foot (8-meter) Burj Khalifa and the city’s biggest shopping mall. Police say faulty wiring sparked that blaze.最有名的一次火灾事件就是跨年夜在63层高的豪华酒店Address酒店发生的大火,它紧挨着全球最高(7英尺,约8米)的哈利法塔以及迪拜最大的商业中心警方称电线短路引发了这次火灾。

老钢铁侠挂靴了,新来岁黑人女怪才 -- :: 来源: 漫威透露说岁的黑人女孩将接过著名的钢铁侠盔甲 Comic book maker Marvel has revealed a -year-old black girl will be donning the famous armour of Iron Man in an upcoming episode of the series.漫画商漫威透露说岁的黑人女孩将在钢铁侠系列接下来的一幕接过著名的钢铁侠盔甲Civil War II sees Tony Stark hang up his boots to be replaced by Riri Williams, the company said.公司说在内战将看到Tony Stark挂靴,并由Riri Williams替代他The character is a Chicago-born science genius studying at MIT and made her debut earlier this year.这个人物是在芝加哥出生、麻省理工上学的科学怪才,她于今年早些时候首次亮相The news has prompted a huge reaction online, with many welcoming it as a step ward diversity.这个消息一出便在网上反响剧烈,很多人表示欢迎,认为这是迈向多样性Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis told Time he came up with Williams’ character after being struck by the "chaos and violence" of Chicago while working in the city.钢铁侠的作者Brian Michael Bendis告诉时代杂志,他是在芝加哥工作期间,被这座城市的“混乱和暴力”冲击而构想出Williams这个人物形象的"And this story of this brilliant, young woman whose life was marred by tragedy that could have easily ended her life, just random street violence, and went off to college was very inspiring to me.“这个聪明年轻女孩的生活被那些能轻易结束她生命的悲剧破坏,就是那些随机的街头暴力,而她去上了大学,她的故事非常鼓舞我”"I thought that was the most modern version of a superhero or superheroine story I had ever heard."“我觉得这是我听过最现代版的超级英雄或超级女英雄的故事了”The Iron Man character first appeared in 1963. The series focuses on billionaire weapons inventor Tony Stark.钢铁侠人物最初出现是在1963年这个系列围绕着一个武器发明家亿万富翁Tony StarkThere has been jubilation at the news有人欢庆这个消息But not everyone was impressed但不是每一个人都被打动There were practical questions有些很实际的问题Or had Marvel missed a trick?漫威是不是少玩了一点把戏?And some questioned Marvel’s commitment to diversity有些人质疑漫威对待多样性的决心。

最萌国际明星红毯秀:小鲜肉来袭 -- ::3 来源:sohu ToddleWood的摄影艺术家Tricia Messeroux为孩子们提供了红毯变装的机会!Messeroux通常和三至六岁的孩子合作,把他们打扮得和金球奖红毯上的明星一模一样这些孩子经过设计师们的精心打造,各个都成了红毯达人啊! Photographer Tricia Messeroux of Toddlewood gives kids a red carpet makeover! Messeroux normally works with children between the ages of 3 and 6, and in this makeover series she transmed them into looking exactly how the famous celebrities looked walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globes. These kids got the full makeover experience including designer, costumes, hair and makeup. Can you say, ;Red carpet experience?!; 1. 詹妮弗;劳伦斯 Jennifer Lawrence . 蒂娜;菲amp;艾米;波勒Tina Fey amp; Amy Poehler 3. 克里基娜;兰西克 Giuliana Rancic . 凯莉;奥斯本 Kelly Osbourne 5. 露皮塔;尼永奥 Lupita Nyong’o 6. 宝拉;巴顿 Paula Patton 7. 切瓦特;埃加福特amp;萨里;默瑟Chiwetel Ejio amp; Sari Mercer 8. 索菲娅;维加拉 Sofia Vergara。

温网选手顺手牵羊 毛巾告急! -- ::31 来源:chinadaily 资料图Despite being among the wealthiest athletes in the world, Wimbledon's biggest names all clamour over the same must-have freebie at Wimbledon: the tournament towel. 尽管参加温网的选手都属世界上最富有的运动员之列,但他们却都钟情于相同的比赛必备用品:那就是比赛用的毛巾At least ,000 towels go missing each year as players - including the likes of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams - stash away as many as they can fit in their holdalls. 每年都会有至少000条毛巾在赛后无法收回,因为很多诸如安迪?穆雷、诺瓦克?德约科维奇和小威廉姆斯这样的运动员会把很多毛巾私藏进网球包里带走However, this year the All England Club has come up with a new ploy to put off younger players from joining the craze - by offering them plain white towels, instead of the senior players' brightly-coloured versions. 对此,全英网球俱乐部今年想出新的对策,他们为年轻选手提供的不再是老选手那种色鲜亮的毛巾,而是普通的白毛巾,以防止他们跟风效仿,赛后顺走毛巾George Spring, Wimbledon's Court Attending Manager, told how he has come to expect that the club will only get back three quarters of the 6,000 towels they produce the tournament each year. 温布尔登网球场主管乔治?斯普林告诉记者,每年他们都会为比赛准备6000条毛巾,但最后预计能收回的只有四分之三Andy Murray said he normally takes one towel each day to give to someone on his team CREDIT: REXSHUTTERSTOCKHe said: "The juniors many years I believe were having a competition to see how many they can get. But our policy now is that if they do ask another towel we will give them a white towel and they soon don't ask another when that happens. 斯普林说:“我觉得年轻选手之间这么多年来一直存在一种攀比现象,他们会比赛看谁拿到的毛巾最多所以我们现在规定,如果他们想索要第二条毛巾,我们只为其提供普通白毛巾,这样他们很快就不会再索求更多的毛巾了"We are trying to break in the next generation of towel connoisseurs." “我们正想方设法阻止顺毛巾这一不良风气在年轻一代中蔓延”The biggest towel fiend of all is Serena, Mr Spring, now on his th championship, added. "Serena is a legend as far as towels go and she would have to buy a second house... The towel thing has always been a little bit kept in secrecy." 参与了届温网赛事的斯普林先生补充说,小威廉姆斯可以说是顺毛巾的一把好手“小威廉姆斯可以算是顺毛巾的‘传奇’,她得再买套房子(来装毛巾)……但对于拿毛巾一事温网组委会通常表示默许”He said there was no limit on how many towels a player could ask and that both the Williams sisters had "a reputation" when it came to walking away with towels.斯普林先生说,以前运动员索要毛巾的数量是没有限制的,威廉姆斯都经常索要毛巾"Imagine Serena Williams, if the chair umpire said Serena, that's your limit, that would make headlines." “设想一下,如果主裁判对小威廉姆斯说,你不能再拿毛巾了,她保可以上第二天的头条”The players make no secret of their appetite the towels. 运动员们倒是对他们顺毛巾的事毫不避讳Novak Djokovic wipes his face with a towel at Wimbledon CREDIT: PAMurray said on Saturday that he picked up towels his wife and friends, adding: "I got one her in the first round. Gave one to my physio." 穆雷周六说他拿了毛巾给他的妻子和朋友们,“在打第一轮的时候我就拿了一条给我的妻子,另外一条给了队医”"I normally take one each day and give it to someone on my team. I don't keep them. But my wife likes them. I think they're quite good quality towels." “我通常每天都会拿一条毛巾给我队里的其他人我不会把它们占为己有,但我的妻子很喜欢这些毛巾,我想是因为这些毛巾质量很不错”Meanwhile, Djokovic said: “I kind of plan in advance space in half of a bag or an entire new bag the towels that I take from Wimbledon." 同时德约科维奇也说:“我会提前腾出半个包或者拿个新包来装温网的毛巾”Serena's sister Venus also admitted: "Well, I've got a lot at home. Got some since '97. Got some men's towels, too. You can do a barter program, trade 'em up. Black market on towels." 大威廉姆斯也承认说:“恩,我也拿了很多带回家,从1997年开始我就这么干了我也拿过男士毛巾你可以拿它作为交换,或者拿去卖黑市上有很多交易温网毛巾的”Mr Spring, now on his th championship, said that some players were taking as many as eight towels a game and although in the past it may have been frowned upon this means they now "go all around the world to advertise this wonderful tournament". 斯普林先生如今参与了届温网赛,他表示,一些运动员在一场比赛后会拿走大约八条毛巾虽然在过去人们对这一行为感到不满,但现在这意味着他们会通过“带着毛巾走遍世界来宣传温网这一精赛事”The towels that are not taken are laundered and sold to charity. 而那些留下的毛巾会在洗涤后卖给慈善机构Vocabularyfreebie:免费赠品holdall:手提旅行箱或旅行袋fiend:能手,成瘾者英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:刘佳丽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning。

奔跑的人,到底在想些什么 -- :8:1 来源: 作为一个长跑选手,我经常对人们在跑步时想些什么感到好奇他们是在想着跑步的事?又或者是什么也没想?听听自己跑步时的想法,也是足够有趣的事情今晚跑步时,要不要录起来? As a long-distance runner, I am always curious what people think when they run. Are they thinking about running? Or are they thinking about nothing?作为一个长跑选手,我经常对人们在跑步时想些什么感到好奇他们是在想着跑步的事?又或者是什么也没想?Running a long time is like anything you do a long time: It slowly bores you to death. Take myself example, recently, I have started training a half marathon. After half an hour, I will start to get bored and feel the pain in my abdomen, feet, and joints. To make time pass faster, I often try to focus on the environment, the traffic and, of course, the cute guys around me.跑步太久,也和你长期做任何其他的事一样,慢慢的让你无聊死以我自己为例,最近,我开始了半马拉松训练半小时后,我就会开始感到无聊,感到我的腹部,脚,和关节都疼痛为了让时间过得快一点,我常常试图将注意力集中在环境、交通,以及我周围可爱的家伙们Whenever I run, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I should think. Many of my runner friends see running as a m of meditation. They try to empty their mind while running.只要我一跑步,我就会花上很多时间去想我应该想什么我的很多跑友们将跑步视作一种冥想的形式在跑步时他们试图放空大脑"The less you think, the more you feel relaxed," they said.他们说,“你想的越少,你就会感到越放松”I could not help but wonder what we should think about while running to make the process less boring and painful. It turns out there might be some science behind it, sort of.我忍不住但又很好奇我们在跑步时究竟应该想些什么以使得这个过程不是那么的无聊和痛苦看起来在这背后应该有一些科学道理,有可能According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, professional marathon runners would think of their pace, their movement and the distance, while amateur runners would think of things that help distract them from thinking of running.根据年发布在《国际运动与锻炼心理学杂志的一项研究,专业的马拉松运动员会想到他们的速度,他们的运动和距离,业余跑步者则会想到一些东西,分散了他们的思维,不太会想到跑步How do the researchers know this? They asked marathon runners to record their thoughts out loud. According to the recordings, 0 percent of their thoughts focus on pace and distance, 3 percent focus on their pain and discomt, and another percent centered on the environment.这些研究人员是怎么知道的呢?他们采访了位马拉松运动员,以自言自语的方式记录下奔跑时的想法根据结果,有0%的人被说出来的思绪都与他们跑步的步调与距离有关,3%的人则集中在身体的痛苦和不适上,另外有%的人只关注周围环境The results were kind of entertaining. Researchers found thoughts about wildlife were mostly positive, while thoughts about the environment and the people around them were mostly negative.结果非常有趣研究人员发现,关于野生动物的想法大多都很积极,而对于周围环境和人的想法大多都比较消极There are criticisms saying that these results are not convincing because the runners knew their thoughts would be recorded, so they might have intentionally avoided voicing some thoughts.一些家认为这些结果并不可信,因为这些跑步的人知道他们的想法会被记录下来,所以可能故意的隐瞒了一些想法Nevertheless, now I know what other people think during their long runs, and to become a better runner, I should probably focus on the running rather than thinking of nothing.不过,现在我知道了其他人在长跑时在想些什么要想成为一个更优秀的长跑运动员,我应当集中在跑步上,而不是胡思乱想些什么It is easier to focus my thoughts on the running if I run with a training group. It is a chance to exercise and socialize at the same time.如果我和集训小组一起训练,思想集中在跑步上还是很容易的这是一个训练和社交的机会I used to be a member of a running group in Geneva. We were a group of avid runners from different countries. Anyone who is training a 5k, k, trail run or just wants to run fun could join us.我曾经是日内瓦一个跑步小组的成员之一小组成员是来自各个国家的跑步爱好者任何一个在训练5千米、1万米、越野跑或者只是热爱跑步的人,都可以加入我们Each Monday or Wednesday, we ran about 5 to 60 minutes. On the weekends, we ran even longer. In that way, I could easily finish a 5k run without even thinking about it.每个周一或周三,我们会跑步5-60分钟周末,我们跑的更久,我可以没有什么压力,轻轻松松的跑完5千米However, when I run solo, it is difficult to focus my wandering mind. In this case, researchers advised that it is better to spend some time thinking about "associative thoughts," those about your running, and the rest of the time thinking about "dissociative" thoughts, those about your life, your work, and your relationship. Maybe I should also start recording my thoughts from now on.然而,当我单独跑步时,很难将乱七八糟的念头集中起来在这种情况下,研究人员建议,最好花一些时间来思考和跑步有关的东西,剩下的时间可以去想关于生活、工作和人际交往等游离的一些念头也许,我应该从现在开始记录我的想法。

安徽颁布禁酒令整治“酒桌办公” -- 19:9: 来源:chinadaily 安徽省各市、县已陆续开展“酒桌办公”专项整治工作,规定省内公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒,酒桌禁令成了安徽官场上的一条高压红线请看相关报道:Anhui province has banned alcoholic beverages at official banquets, except those held to attract investment or involving eign affairs.安徽省规定,公务接待除外事、招商活动外,一律不准饮酒今年6月初,中央巡视组向安徽反馈“回头看”情况,专门提到“酒桌文化尚未得到有效治理”“酒桌文化”(drinking culture)成为中共十八大巡视以来的又一巡视新词中国人普遍都认为“无酒不成席”(a banquet without alcohol is no banquet at all);很多做生意的人都觉得在酒桌上才能真正认识一个人,彼此建立信任;很多官员也喜欢在酒桌上谈工作(discuss work issues when drinking at banquets)“喝的是酒,喷的是口水,讲的是关系,办的是事情”一句顺口溜概括了“酒桌文化”的实质据悉,此次安徽省“酒桌办公”(discussing work issues while drinking at banquets)专项整治工作对公务活动宴请(official banquets)做了明确规定,重点整治“不请客吃饭不办事”、“请客吃饭乱办事”现象;规定党员干部及公职人员严禁通过“酒桌办公”要资金、跑项目、争考核名次或谋取不当利益;严禁接受可能影响公正执行公务的宴请十八大以后,中共中央提出党的群众路线(mass line)教育学习活动,各地都展开针对形式主义(malism)、官僚主义(bureaucratism)、享乐主义(hedonism)和奢靡之风(extravagance)的反“四风”活动(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。