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Tapping the wires is surprisingly simple.窃取光纤信息极其简单The data carried by the fibre-optic cable只需要将光纤传递的信息just needs to be diverted.进行改道A fibre-optic cable signal is a beam of light光纤信号就是一束光travelling down a cable made from glass.这束光穿过了玻璃材质的线缆Pulses of light represent脉冲光束代表着the pieces of information travelling across the internet,穿梭于互联网中的信息which is the e-mails, the web pages,例如电子邮件 网页everything that#39;s going over the internet.所有经过互联网的信息Every 50 miles or so, that signal becomes sufficiently weak每八十千米左右 这个信号就会变得极其弱that it needs to be repeated,因此它需要被加强and this is the weak spot.而这就是薄弱点And it#39;s very easy to insert an optical tap at that point.在这一薄弱点安插拦截设备极其简单And that#39;s just what GCHQ did.英国情报机构政府通信总部就这么做的A device was placed into the beam of data在数据流中安插一个设备which created a mirror image of the millions of e-mails,建立镜像 其中包括每秒钟经过光纤的web searches and internet traffic数以百万计的电子邮件passing through the cables every second.网页搜索和网络通讯信息重点解释:1.a beam of light 一束光例句:A beam of light generated by a laser.由激光器发出的一束光。2.be made from ... 由 ... 制成例句:Water can be made from oxygen and hydrogen.水是由氧和氢组成。3.go over 检查;重做例句:Let#39;s just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。 Article/201612/482141TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/475085TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/466636FLASH知性英语:Clementine本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/11583

According to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the country is getting older and more diverse.根据美国人口普查局公布的新数据,美国正面临老化和越来越多样化。The nation#39;s median age jumped three years from 35 in 2000 to almost 38 in 2016.全国平均年龄从2000年的35岁增加3岁到2016年的近38岁。That#39;s because the baby-boom generation started turning 65 in 2011, causing an increase to the population of people over the age of 65.这是因为2011年婴儿潮一代开始达到65岁,导致超过65岁的人口增加。In regards to race and ethnic groups, the Census Bureau found that each group had seen growth. The populations of Asian people and people who identified as multiracial increased the most, growing by 3 percent.考虑种族和族裔群体,人口普查局发现每个群体都在增长。亚洲人口和认定为混血的人增长最多,上升百分之3.The population that increased the least — non-Hispanic white people. While that group only grew by 5,000, they#39;re still the second-largest population in the country with 198 million people.人口增加最少的是非西班牙裔白人。尽管该群体仅增长5,000,他们仍以1亿9,800万人成为该国第二大人口。The Census Bureau says that demographic had the lowest population increase because it#39;s the only group where deaths are exceeding births.人口普查局表示,特定年龄段的人口具有最低的增长,因为它是唯一群体死亡正超过出生。译文属。 Article/201706/515304

A place in Thailand called ;Tiger Temple; is losing the thing it#39;s named for.泰国有个叫“老虎庙”的地方正在失去老虎。Police, military and wildlife-conservation officers showed up at the temple on Monday to remove the tigers.警方、军方和野生动物保护人员周一出现在寺庙迁移这些老虎。Visitors could feed, pet and take photos with the tigers for a fee. Well, the problem is the temple wasn#39;t allowed to profit from the tigers as part of a deal with the country#39;s Wildlife Conservation Office.付钱后游客可以喂养、抚摸以及和老虎拍照。问题是根据国家野生动物保护办公室,寺庙通过老虎获利是不被允许的。The temple has faced allegations of illegal trafficking and mistreatment of animals in recent years, though officials deny it.最近几年,寺庙面临非法贩卖和虐待动物的指控,尽管官方予以否认。After a half-day standoff on Monday, monks freed some of the tigers to stall wildlife authorities.周一经过半天僵持后,僧侣释放了一些老虎搪塞野生动物当局。Multiple media outlets reported more than 1,000 officials eventually started to sedate and move the tigers. Authorities told N it would take at least a week to relocate the temple#39;s 137 big cats.多个媒体报道,超过1,000名官员最终给老虎施用镇静剂并将其转移。当局告诉N至少要花一周的时间迁移寺庙的137只老虎。The tigers will be moved to a wildlife refuge.老虎将被转移到野生动物保护区。译文属。 Article/201606/448247

When Bear falls out of the aircraft,behind him you see this little island, little island.it#39;s like a James Bond moment.贝尔跳出机舱时 你可以看到他身下那个小小的岛屿 简直是007附身We traveled to some of the most remote places on earth.我们的目标是地球上最渺无人烟之地For Sumatra Indonisia,just getting on the ground was a huge challenge.在印尼苏门答腊岛 如何到达地面都是一项巨大的挑战But letting go was the easy bit.其实纵身一跳 还不算什么My plan was to land on the water,but to do that,I need to release the parachute just before entry.我的计划是水上降落 要实现这一目标 我必须在入水前那一刻 和伞包脱离Nothing below me to judge distances,to tell me when to detach,there is a high risk of manoeuver.下方无任何物体可用来判断距离 告诉我该何时脱离 失误的几率很高Release too early,it#39;ll be just like hitting concrete.脱离得太早 就会跟砸到水泥地上一样惨That is how to make an entrance.这才是正确的入水方式Number 24 is a time in Montana,when I was faced with one of my toughest ever climbs.第24幕发生在蒙大拿州 在那里有我最艰难的一次攀登经历That must be 200 foot high.At least.肯定有200英尺高 只多不少Stuck in the bottom of a steep-aside valley,my way out was up.我被困于两侧都是绝壁的山谷中 爬上去才有出路Climbing on that railway bridge in Montana I would describe it as butted clenching.蒙大拿的那次攀爬 惊险紧张 我一刻不敢放松It looked big,but once you got pull way up,you really saw how big it was,but also how fragile it was.它看着很高 但只有亲身爬上去 才能体会到它到底有多高 而且非常不稳固I mean, that bridge was, was in excess of a hundred years old.那座桥绝对超过一百岁了 Article/201612/481493

Hello everybody, so it#39;s been a while since I#39;ve posted大家好,我已经有段时间没更新了and if you follow me on my social media,如果你有一直关注我的社交媒体you will know that I#39;ve been in New Zealand for a while.你就知道这一阵子我去新西兰了But as of yesterday, or I think the day before( Too jetlagged to remember lol )就在昨天,或者前天(因为时差不是很确定lol))I#39;m officially back in Japan now.总之,现在我已经回日本了So, I#39;m gonna to set it off by showing you guys how you can get from Narita Airport to Toyko Station, the cheapest way.这次,我将给大家介绍如何从成田机场去东京站最划算And hopefully this helps some of you guys out there但愿这个视频能帮到你们中who are coming to Tokyo and hopefully save you some money.即将来东京的人,但愿能帮你省点钱So after you#39;ve got your luggage and hopefully passed the customs,当你拿到了行李,顺利地过了海关there should be a place that sells train and bus tickets near arrivals.到港处附近会有卖火车票和巴士票的地方Now there are lots of ways you can get from Narita Airport to Tokyo.从成田机场去东京有很多种方式But in my opinion, I find taking the bus the easiest and also the cheapest.但在我看来,坐巴士是最简单也是最便宜的However if you do have the JR pass,但是,如果你有铁路周游券的话then taking the Narita Express would be the best option for you since it is included in the pass.最好乘座成田特快,因为它会经过东京But today I would just be focusing on taking the bus.但今天我只说坐巴士There are a few bus companies which run from Narita to Tokyo Station,这儿有一些从成田机场去东京站的客运公司but my recommendation will be to take the Keisei Bus.但我推荐乘京成巴士It#39;s 1000 yen when you buy the counter or if you book online before you ride,在柜台买票的话是1000日元,如果乘车前在网上订票it#39;s only 900 yen and it secures your seat.则只要900日元,还有座位The bus comes around every 20 minutes.京成巴士大概20分钟1班It also stops at all three terminals of the Narita Airport.并且在成田机场的3个航站楼都有停靠Now after you#39;ve got your ticket, you go to the bus stop.买好票后,就去站台等If you#39;re tripling of others, it may help to go early to secure seat with each other.如果你是和大家一起的,最好早点去占座位After when the bus arrives, the bus driver will take your luggage and store in the bus.公交到站后,司机会帮你把行李存放好在车内Then you#39;re off on a ride just a little over 60 minutes of Tokyo Station.60分钟多点儿就能到东京So, for a 1000 yen on list, you don#39;t have to worry about changing the trains也就是说,花1000日元你就能免去换乘的烦恼and you can just sit back enjoy the view of Tokyo.坐享东京的风景 Article/201707/517022

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